I'm so bummed...

  1. I was showing DH my wishlist on LV site today. Well, lets just say he was unimpressed. My usually generous DH doesn't see the point of $800+ purses. So I guess I won't be getting any LV from him! I don't lie to my husband, but I've told him my recent LV purchases were from eBay (Neverfull GM and Porte International Wallet in Vernis-Pomme and lg Gucci hobo). He'd be really upset cause we do have more important things we could be getting or paying off. So he is right in that respect. But Christmas is coming and he really likes to go big for me, but I think he rather spend $1k on jewelry than LV. He asked, do they ever have a sale? Oh well. I really do have a lot more than a lot of people do and I am thankful for my health, my family etc so I should shut up, right?

    But I knew I could vent to you all, since only you guys could understand :sad:

  2. Aw, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, LV never goes on sale, and you're right, there's more to be thankful for than just bags.

    However, come Christmas, maybe you could take him over to the LV boutique and point out a few things you like..maybe he'll change his mind once he sees all the gorgeous bags in person!
  3. Well, you can always explain to him that the 1k would be better spent on LV because you know it's something you'll use, whereas the jewelry, you wouldn't.
    IMO, spending money on jewelry you won't wear is more wasteful than spending it on bags that you'll use all the time.
  4. Thanks for the support ,yeah I told him there's never a sale. He really is a wonderful man (he just has this LV-resistant gene I think!lol). He very well may soften by Christmas, he usually waits til last minute to shop, then in a panic, buys extravagantly!! We'll have to see!

  5. That makes sense, but I wear the jewelry he gets me-hes got great taste! BUT you can't wear it all at once! An LV piece is practical, I could use it everyday!! You're right! thanks!
  6. You're welcome! Hope he understands!
  7. I know how u feel...my BF feels the same way. He is very label-conscious and likes high quality items, but doesn't see justifying handbags over $800 either. However, his line of work has been suffering lately, so that is also part of it. I think if work was busier for him he'd be more willing to buy me LV for Christmas. So, I totally understand where u are coming from. :s
  8. My DH usually gets me LV for Christmas but last year he decided to buy me diamond earrings instead as a change. I was a teeny bit disappointed but I love my earrings! Besides, I buy LV for myself all year round so the jewelry was a nice surprise!
  9. My DH lets me pick out my gifts because I'm a pain to buy for. Not that he loves buying LV, but he'll do it to make me happy! LOL
  10. Vuitton makes JEWELRY too.
  11. ~LV makes beautiful jewelry:heart:!~My DH is totally opposite...he thinks it's ridiculous to spend so much on a piece of bauble-with LV then he doesn't mind so much. Either way, I'm happy-whether it's a new LV or a piece of bauble/diamond:girlsigh:~
  12. You never know, he might be putting an act on, intending to get you everything on that wishlist!!!!!!;)
  13. I can totally sympathize with you! My DH works Corporately in the clothing industry, so anytime I tell him I like something that's really expensive (especially purses) I get the "I know how much it cost to make that Item" speech! LOL! So He never buys me any purses. LOL! Maybe You'll get lucky!
  14. My boyfriend is the exact same way. He thinks it's absolutely insane to pay that kind of money for a bag but will go all out on jewelry. When it comes to bags I'd rather pick my own (he hasn't a clue). This past birthday I told him about the Mirage Speedy and I ended going to pick it up myself. Whats funny is that I tell him the same thing when he asks about a bag he hasn't seen before. It's either "I picked it up on eBay" or "this old thing, I've had it forever" He'd probably freak if he knew the truth. I think for xmas I might go easy on him. Instead of him paying some ridiculous amount of $ at the last moment on some sort of big bling (which I don't even like) I might ask for a piece of Damier (keepall or eole) but I don't even know if that will fly. If not..oh well. I'll just save again and get if for myself.
  15. Hmmmmm....I don't think alot of men get the handbag thing. Some do, but it is hard for them. My H would also rather spend the money on jewellry than a bag. He has bought me 2 LV's over the years but whenever I wear them he complains about the price. I understand that there are more important things in the world than purses, but when you really want something it is frustrating to settle for something else. I mean, I buy him exactly what he wants and I don't get the whole playstation thing.