I'm so blue...(sorry long thread)

  1. I've just bought a small apartment with my bf and we're deciding the furniture we'll have to buy, keeping an eye to our budget because we can't spend everything we have (we need a new car, too).
    We still have no clue how our bedroom will be, we don't like low, japanese style beds and we would like to find something original.
    I've thought to search for an ancient iron bed, so that I won't spend a lot and in some year's time the value of the bed will increase. I had the idea of placing an old suitcase/trunk in the bedroom, where i can storage some t-shirts, etc..., to add some vintage glamour.
    yesterday I went in a vintage shop near here and found a 70's vintage Dior monogram suitcase in immaculate condition. They sell it for 500 €. I told the shop assistant I would have come back in a few days with my bf so that he could check it and decide if he likes it.
    But my bf said he's not willing to spend so much money on a suitcase, since we still don't know how much we will spend for the rest of the furniture, so I told I could pay the whole price, but the fact he wasn't excited at all just put me off.
    What would you do? I think he's afraid also because we don't know how his job situation will be in 8 months...
  2. Ouch! Reality bites!

    the job situation could really be on his mind and his mind may be more practical than yours. Is there some way the gal at the collectibles store would let you pay in a lay-away situation? Maybe she's had the case for oodles of time and no one has been attracted to it. Perhaps she will want to deal as far as letting you do a lay away plan, paying each paycheck for a couple of months. Sometimes if you explain your situation, because you're so darn adorable, people cave in. People DO love the chance to be nice, do a good deed. We really do. I'd ask her.
  3. It sounds like your BF is being practical.

    Really, the only way to stop spending money is to not shop. Just don't go into any stores. If you can do that for a year, you can reward yourself at the end when you've saved a bit. I've had years where I didn't have an internet connection and bought my shoes at Payless so I could pay my rent. As I started making more money I could start buying myself little things, that later turned into big things.

    With your BFs job situation being what it is now, I also suggest not buying the suitcase.
  4. I think your bf is right,it's not worth to pay so much money on a suitcase,and you have to plan for some other thing in the near future.
  5. Your boyfriend is absolutely right. Don't spend so much on an old suitcase (you say Vintage...I say old). You even said yourself that you guys don't have a very high budget and that you also need a new car. Let's think about what you could buy for your home with $500:

    - a bed
    - a good matress
    - a sofa (Depending)
    - a coffee table
    - dishes / towels / pictures

    What would you really get from this suitcase?
  6. You're upset cause your bf wasn't excited over a used Dior suitcase?? Were you expecting somersaults?
    You can't sleep on a suitcase and at this point, it seems like you need essentials for basic daily necessities, not name brand suitcases for "glamour'.

    Get settled, get your car, make sure your bf actually will have a job in a couple of months, then worry about luxuries.
  7. I agree.
  8. ITA with everybody. Limit your spending on basic stuff for now. You can always add on the luxury items later as long as you have your money in the bank. Be supportive to your bf. :heart:
  9. Thank you all for your support. The fact is that we're not broke, and we're usually very cautious when it comes to spending money; we don't smoke, we don't drink alcoholics, we don't make breakfast at the bar, we don't wear expensive stuff nor drive expensive cars, etc...
    It was just that I fell in love with that suitcase in the moment I was looking for one. Maybe it's better if I wait till we've moved in, in order to find something we both like.
  10. Lamiastella: congratulations on your pregnancy! My sister is waiting for a baby expected for July 14th and I can't wait to cuddle it!
  11. I don't think my bf would be excited over a Dior suitcase either...esp for $500 he just wouldn't get it even if we already had our other furnishings taken care of...

    I'd pass on it and finish your other pieces of furniture that are probably more important. Accent pieces like that can come after you've taken care of the essentials. It is a lot to spend when you have other things to worry about like other furniture and job situations!
  12. Is there a sort of "layaway" program at the store where you could put some $$ down on it for them to hold it for you? I'm sorry, but I say if you love it, you should find a way to make it yours.
  13. I agree with you. It's better to wait right now.
  14. hmmm, how are you guys splitting the furniture, etc? is it 50/50? If i can afford my half of the furniture costs and the luggage, i'd get the luggage if i loved it that much!
  15. If you are thinking of using it for storage, your idea of the trunk would hold more clothes, so I would hold out for the largest trunk you can find, and pay more attention to sturdiness and capacity than whether it bears a famous logo, or even whether it is beautiful.

    You can make it beautiful yourselves, with a little paint and a couple of inexpensive stencils, or doing a faux finish with sponges, etc, or the old elmer's and water followed by rubbing a second paint color on with a cloth trick for the crackled look, etc.

    You will end up with something that not only does more of what you want it to do - hold clothes, but looks like you paid more for it than you could possibly afford in reality!