I'm so BAD!!!!!!!!! I just ordered....

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  1. my graduation present to myself...

    my SA called me. i usually don't get phone calls from the main store i shop at (Polaris) even though i do like...99.999% of my business there. i always get stores from Easton, which really has less of a selection, although is the only place that piloted my beloved Carly.

    anyways, jason calls and i was actually thinking about him - and Coach - because I had just gotten my coupon and knew what i wanted (sig stripe tote in ivory). so i didn't know which one or even how much it cost, i just think it's cute. he told me that since i am a preferred customer and he knows me that i can preorder and pick everything up thursday, because this new sig stripe is selling out quick here. i feel so out of the loop cuz i haven't seen any new coach in forever, been so busy.

    then i remembered i wanted a khaki/gold sig carly because the gold is just TDF in my opinion. he asked me if i'd had seen the new colors in carly (which i don't think i have, are they on here?!?! :confused1:) so blindly, i ordered the khaki/black carly instead. if i don't like it, no big, i'm just gonna get the khaki gold. i'm gonna pick it all up on thursday, i'm so excited!!

    so to make a long story short here's what i got: [​IMG] and i don't have a pic for the carly because it's not up on the web yet.

    but of course i'll post pics when i bring home everything!!!
  2. first - CONGRATS on your graduation!!!

    A khaki/black carly? Never heard of it, but it sounds nice!! Your new choices sound lovely btw :yes:
  3. A KHAKI/BLACK CARLY????!!!! Oh oh.....I may have to get that one! It will match my Mandy!

    Anyways, congrats on your graduation and your new bags!
  4. Congrats! New Carly colors? haven't heard but khaki/black sounds cool, can't wait to see it. :smile:
  5. Congrats on the graduation and bag! I can't wait to see the Carly. I'm going next week! :yahoo:
  6. congrats on graduating, and hot bag!! :biggrin:
  7. Congratulations on graduating and on the hot new bag!
  8. there are 2 new colors for the carly:

    --khaki with black trim
    --chocolate/chocolate (or mahogany/mahogany)??

    i can't remember the 2nd color, but it's basically all brown from what i think he said. i was too in lust w/the khaki/black.
  9. Congrats on the graduation, and thanks for letting us know about the new Carly colors. I am going this week to order the khaki\black Carly. I love those colors together. Can you please let us know how you like it when you get yours??? Thanks!

  10. Khaki/black and all brown?!?! On the carly?!?!? Oh man......:woohoo:

    Forgive me.....I got carried away with the new Carlys.....

    Congrats on your graduation!!!!!!:tup:
  11. My store is being poopy! I called to ask about the chocolate or mahogany Carly, and the guy who answered said it's too early to know about it, and that it wouldn't be in time for the PCE event. :sad:

    No red ergos either. I am so bummed!

  12. Congrats!

    Don't feel like you're so bad, I just bought a full price bag knowing that the PCE is days away! That's bad.
  13. Yes, congratulations on graduation, and the awesome score!

    How selfish of me. Shame on me.
  14. congratulations!

    And new carly colors? I think I need to add a medium carly to my wishlist!
  15. Nice! Congrats on your graduation.