I'm so bad, broke my ban but feel so good:)

  1. I have got four bags within 10 days:woohoo:. So, I was supposed to be on a ban until Nov. but I couldn't control myself when I saw the Monogram sophie. I had to get an adjustable strap to go with that too since the orginal one was too long for me. Anyways, one thing led to another, I found a good deal on the shirley and couldn't past that up either since I've been wanting a MC bag. That wasn't enough... I felt a little down for the past couple days, so a friend took me shopping today and to cheer me up, he got me the Neverfull and some jewleries. Oh, the Dior girly is also something I've been wanting and there was a good deal at a Dior outlet, so I had to have it too. I guess this is what happens when you're on a ban. I'm so bad huh!:graucho: These goodies are not anything new to you all but I'm so excited so I have to share with you all. Thanks for looking:smile:
    DSC00298.JPG DSC00301.JPG DSC00302.JPG DSC00306.JPG DSC00307.JPG
  2. Sheesh! Well done, great going, DG! :woohoo:
  3. congrats! love the shirley and sophie!
  4. great haul!
  5. Love them all. Congrats!
  6. Beautiful new purchases, congrats!
  7. Congrats.

    Good choices. :tup:
  8. congrats! love them all.
  9. Congrats on your new purchases, love them all esp. sophie.
  10. wow, now that's what I call breaking a ban!
  11. Haha I love it! Thats the best ban ever!
  12. CONGRATS, although you broke your ban but finally you feel good now :smile:
  13. lol! congrats! love everything!
  14. Great bags....I love them all! Congrats!
  15. Congrats!