I'm so annoyed by myself... Should I buy myself a GST?

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  1. I've been eyeing on the black GST with silver for a long time. I know deep in my heart that I'm getting it sooner or later so I'm really tempted to order now. I just graduated and started working since last September and have a little savings. I would say I can afford it without any financial consequences (I won't be broke/in debt) and this bag will last A LONG TIME compared to my less expensive Gucci and Marc by Marc.

    The only thing pulling me back is that I'm having a hard time convincing myself it's okay to buy a $2,000 bag. My boyfriend says he supports me (not financially this time) because he knows I work hard and the bag would be perfect retail therapy for me, but I know he thinks no one should ever spend that much on a bag. I want it so badly but whenever I pick up the phone (I plan to order through Hirshleifer), I will think of all the things that $2,000 can do, in particular, a very nice vacation, or just invest in stocks and make more money.

    Does anyone have the same feeling/experience before? How do you convince yourself (whether or not you decide to buy it)?
  2. i had the same dilemma... but then i convinced myself it was okay because this is an "investment." lol.... i say, "just do it!" i did... and have no regrets.
  3. Sure, you can take a wonderful vacation or invest the money, but you will still be thinking on buying the bag. Do it. You deserved it. Do not feel guilty. You only live once.
  4. I saw your comments and called. Too bad Hirshleifer is out of stock >.< I guess I have more time to think about it now.
  5. Call/email Bergdorf Goodman and check their stock. They have no store here in CA, so no tax for you. It's only $12.75 for standard shipping.

    GST style isn't going anywhere, so you have lots of time to buy. I know $2000 is a lot for a bag, but you saved for it and earned it. Please enjoy your bag when you get it!

  6. You only live once, you have to buy what makes you happy.

    I thought the same thing how could i spend so much on one bag...i thought that i would only buy one bag...literally 2 months later i was placing an order for a 2nd.

    Its amazing having such extradorinary pieces in your collection.
    I try to baby my bags alot, i use them every other week, to keep them all new looking.
  7. I find myself in very similar situations ... for instance, I got a black GST as a gift from my parents for Christmas ... okay, i was fine with ... then I decided I wanted the Medallion tote in beige for a spring bag. I saved up MY OWN MONEY and came up with 2 grand in a few weeks. I thought for a while about what other things I could get with that money or how I should probably just save it, but you know what? You DO only live once, and I want to spend every minute enjoying my life and the things I enjoy ... a new handbag brings me so much joy ... why hold back?
  8. Buy the bag.

  9. well said! that's my motto as well....!
  10. Eventually you will take the leap...then you won't be able to stop!!!!! :welcome2:
  11. Heh heh, I am gonna be the voice of dissent and say wait. :P

    If you're unsure, I'd say wait because doubt means "no". Or at least it means "slow down." Figure out why you feel the way you do and then try to reconcile it with your desire to buy this bag. Maybe if you've saved up some more so you can both invest and buy this bag you will feel better? Maybe if you've worked for a little longer and have more of a cushion and an emergency nest egg? Maybe if you keep wanting this bag for a long time, you will know you truly want it and you will feel better about getting it?

    On the other hand... if you know you're gonna get it for sure, then get it now so you can enjoy it for longer and sooner. Also, although a Chanel is definitely not an investment, it is one of the few bags around that retains a good portion of its value. Especially if you keep it on good shape and especially in black.

    Let us know what you decide!

    (Btw-- congrats on graduating and getting a job in this economy as new grad, not easy in this climate!! :yahoo:)
  12. I went through the same dilemma, I have been eyeing the GST since for three years now!! I told myself that I can go on vacations, buy a nice lcd, buy a laptop, etc. What happen was that I thought about it and told myself it wasnt worth it, so instead I went out and bought a cartier watch which seems more practical. After a couple of months, I can't shake off the feeling of the GST. I still wanted it so so bad! What made it even hard was that when you're going to the mall, you see ladies carrying it and start to drool for it. This is when I knew I had to get it. I'm positive you would not regret it. I just got mines ( black caviar with shw) last week, call Kiet at the Houston Chanel, he would be able to help you.
  13. Buy a mint second hand one and that way you'll get the bag you want, not have to worry about the first few scratches/marks because it's used, and have that extra $$$ for other things.
  14. do it! you deserve it! Call BG! I saw black w/ shw there last week!!
  15. Just do it- don't think too much about it; because at the end of the day it is a luxury to have a nice handbag and there are much more practical ways to spend your money