Im so annoyed at the moment

  1. So I find some Vuitton that I want on eBay, in this case it was a keepall, it was going so cheap...then look who bids > ThisismybuyingID its Fashionphile with their other buying ID. Everything I usually bid on, they are bidding on too...and usually get it. Has anyone had this problem before ?? :flowers:
  2. I saw that *cyberhugs* Sorry you didn't get it!

    Just think of it like that, hon! Probably they are stalking you since you got so great taste ;)

    I'll keep my eyes open for you ....
  3. Yes I have been outbid by that ID also .. it really annoys me too
  4. Yup, arbitrage is a legitimate business. Check this out:

    She buys a looping MM + billfold + checkbook for a total of only $422.77

    And sells them separately for $361.10 + $158.50 + $200 = $719.6
  5. i hate that .....
  6. Ugh that sounds so irritating!
  7. Oh that sounds so bad.
  8. Oh~ I am sorry. That does bite, another will come along. I waited what seemed like forever for my keep all but ended up getting it for $580.00 (A steal as when I began looking they were $700+) Your time will come. Just keep a fresh eye out.
  9. thanks everyone, Im a little more calm at the moment.

    Cola262 - I also keep a look at the ID, they got a keepall 55 with strap for $300 BIN some time ago, I could of cried lol. Looking through their feedback depresses me at all the bargains I missed out on haha lol.
  10. Arg that's so annoying i hate being out bid :cursing:
  11. I think she actually never sleeps :sad: in order to get the hot deals...
  12. I know of this id but I didnt know it belongs to them. :S
  13. haha lol :lol::lol: I will have to try that
  14. Seriously, do they just sit in front of their comp whole day to find deals?
  15. ^^ if she is making that much money by just reselling things i think that might be her job!!! :smile: and shes damn smart!!!

    AND i think she might be stalking you because she KNOWS if she gets the items you bid on they will be authentic!!!