I'm so annoyed at NM online right now

  1. So as part of that sale their having I get an email for online 50% off deals, so I just got my CL's at 40% off.....no biggie they were the last/only pair and odds are they wouldn't still be here today from last week. BUT I looked in my shopping cart and the zip booties I've been wanting are 50% off :yahoo: so I check a couple things out for a minute and decide to proceed with buying them, what the heck I've wanted them! BUT THEN they aren't 50% off anymore:confused1: I'm sure it was some kind of computer error but I'm so bummed........
    Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Zip Bootie -  Fashion Collection -  Neiman Marcus.jpg
  2. i know the feeling, same thing happened to me with a pair of Gucci shoes, I was trying to figure out why the discount wasn't showing and then they were sold out.
  3. That's lame. Stupid computer.

    I really don't like how NM's site doesn't show the discount until it's in your shopping cart. Haven't they figured out that if you see the great price while browsing that you're more likely to buy the thing??
  4. I had the same experience but I called customer service right away and snagged 2 pairs because I was not sure of the size and I can return a pair.

    THe booties did not come up when you clicked the sale tab. I went through the designer index tab.

    After I ordered the Louboutins I started to search the Pradas. They were coming up 50% off for about 2 minutes. I did not snag any of those because I was not quick enough. I did not know that it was a computer glitch. Next time I will be quick.
  5. ^^I was in the same boat, thought to call customer service but I'm at work and did not want to make a big deal of it....
  6. I love the service at the NM store. NM online has frustrated me more than once though..

    so now I prefer to do my shopping instore with NM. or I have a couple of great SA's at NM & I call them u & do phone shopping with them.