I'm so angry!!! Stolen booklet

  1. I'm just back in the office this morning after the weekend (I know, already on the PF :lol:) and I found that someone has stolen the booklet that comes with Hermes scarves. I left it in the box in my drawer... and now it's gone.

    It's not the value and I could get another one if I ask for it, it's the fact that I can't leave anything in my office without fearing it be stolen. It makes me paranoid about my bags when I go for lunch downstairs :mad:
  2. EEEEP! Hopefully someone just borrowed it? That stinks. You can dowload the booklet online at www.hermes.com. I know that's not the same as having one in print but better than nothing. Sorry, babe! People are shady. :sad2:
  3. At the office!? Goodness O_o That is upsetting, can't leave anything anywhere, not even where you think it's safe. Sorry to hear that Perja :[ Hope you get it back :/
  4. haha! what can we say, we're addicted to PF ;) I'm checking up here every chance I get. I think in a couple years, there'll be a support group for PFers. "How long have you been addicted to PF? blah blah blah, ok here are the 12-steps to help you"

    I'm so sorry about your booklet though, do you have any idea who it can be? Yikes, I hope it was just someone "visiting" and not one of your coworkers.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. It stinks that people you trust take your things even if it's just borrowed but probably stolen it was without your permission. I totally feel with you!!
  6. I asked the people who could have borrowed it (ie, my female coworkers) and they haven't seen it since I put it away. There has been a history of stolen items but this is ridiculous!!! It's worthless and it still got stolen (although you see 'em sold on eBay for $30 lol) Anyways, I'll ask for another one when I see my SA.

    Edit: According to coworkers, it could be the cleaning staff... Grrr, I hate the cliché of the thieving cleaning staff.
  7. Sorry to hear about this. :sad2: Also, I agree with your sentiments abouts folks always blaming the cleaning staff. Regarding your bags during lunch, are you able to put it in a locked drawer? Stolen handbags in the office are not uncommon.

    Again, sorry.
  8. Sorry Perja....at least you can get a new one. I'd be soooo wary of leaving anything more valuable there....be careful girl!
  9. Euw, hope you get a replacement! My mum has a (derogatory) saying for petty thieves, "anywhere for little apples."

  10. Perja, I used to leave a couple of crumpled up tissues in my desk drawer on top of everything. Guaranteed no-one is going to rummage around in there.

    Sucks that someone's taken the booklet, hope you get a replacement.
  11. That's one part "Eww gross" and two parts "Hey good idea!!" :nuts:
  12. he he, I know. Who's going to rummage around crumply tissues? They weren't used, but looked like they were. My stapler never, ever went awol.
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  13. Rule #1-Never leave anything that you would miss if it were taken. Everything is taken at offices. Also..
    Rule #2-Never leave your food or drinks unattended. I have heard some horrible stories with this. Be careful
    Rule #3- There are always jealous people and people out to get you...never leave important papers where they can be found. Work papers or personal papers. People will sabotage you for unbelievable reasons.

  14. I guess I'm just spoilt from my previous experiences where I could leave my books and papers lying for three months on my desk (me being staffed elsewhere) and no one touched them.

    Thanks Kellybag, I'll try keep that in mind! *packing little craps away*
  15. Sheesh, some ppl are so crummy these days. You just feel violated to have your stuff rummaged thru. I hate the idea of anyone touching my stuff, riffling thru my belongings. I'm so sorry this happened to you, Perja.