1. I was just in the grocery store stocking up on fruit and veggies...all of a sudden I hear 3 children SCREAMING ...when you hear one its like a normal level ... this was I look over and here is a gal in her 20's kind of, well, not very well kept...with a double stroller with a 3 year old and a 8 month (about) in it and then the 2 year old she is grabbing with her free hand. I see that she is angry, and also heading for a corner to do god knows what to them....I panicked...I was so worried that the kids were going to get hit. SURE enough she bends the 2 year old over her knee and wacks the **** out of him SIX times...I can feel my eyes dialating Im so pissed...Im kind of standing there like WHAT THE *uck do I do!!!??? THEN she grabs the 3 year old out of the stroller ....SAME THING...6 wacks...turns around and picks up the 2 years old BY HIS ELBOW!!! And slams him in the stroller. Takes the baby out, puts him on her hip and repeats the same thing with the 3 year was FAST too...then she started to stomp out of the store..I have tears in my eyes! I run to the door and go out...kind of scared...but I was FROZEN...I did not know what to do!! I feel like a looser and SO MAD at that so called mother. I can not imagine what must go on behind closed doors...I have never witnessed anything like this...if it EVER happens again I will run over and try and calm the mother down and offer just do not know what is crossing the line or not...I have never hit anyone before but I wanted to beat the **** out of her....had to share...I was shocked.
  2. I think that is sooooooooo sad! Some women need lessons in parenting..seriously..there should be a license to be one sometimes..Sorry you had to witness it...I have seen similiar things in stores...and boy..Do my evil eyes come out at these moms
  3. OH my gosh, that makes me so mad :rant::censor: :mad: Some people should never ever be allowed to have kids.
  4. I used to get hit with the belt or a bamboo back scratcher when I was a kid (bamboo is painful!!!) but that's not illegal in my country. There were lots of horror stories about this too in both my country and here. I'm sorry you have to see that. I already determined that I won't have the same kind pf parenting my parents had.
  5. She sounds like an over stressed mom with to many little kids in tow. Definately out of control. To hit children that age is horrid! The 8 month old is ridiculous!! I couldnt even raise my voice at a baby that little. She might want to look into some better forms of birth control. Breed what you can deal with girl!
    Sorry you had to witness this.
  6. Do either of you have children? While I'm not condoning whaling on kids-- you just don't know the whole story there. We as a society have gotten so judgemental as to how one parents. When I was little and my sister and I got out of hand (running up and down the aisles, hiding from mom, etc.) My mom would either swat us on the butt right there or threaten to 'take us out the car' (we would straighten up then!! :shame: ). I have three boys myself- (much further apart than these three in the story) and boy have there been times when my patience was thin and they were out of control-- I know I'm rambling at this point but I just wanted to say as parent who has rarely even spanked my children- I wouldn't be so quick to judge others...
  7. Sucks that I hit my 1000 post on that piece of trash...
  8. sorry, there is no "whole story" here.
  9. I think sometimes kids need a good ass whopping, thats just my opinion though.
  10. I do not have childern yet however I was a nanny for 2 girls for 5 years during was a new born, the other 2 years old..I was also young! I never hit them ONCE...and they were with me all the time. A swat on the bum is one thing..6 is another and pulling a child up in the air by holding his elbow is WRONG...poor kid looked like his shoulder was going to pop out of the socket...NOW let me say..Im NOT looking for some debate, what I saw was shocking, and really upset me. we all know right from wrong and what is acceptable discpline...ths was wrong, and hurtful to the children...they were terrified. NOT a great way to grow up.
  11. Oh please! You can honestly tell me that its OK to whack an 8 month old baby over and over? You know what, it is against the law for your neighbor to come up to you and slap you across the face but its ok to do this to a child because they are simply a child? This women sounded like she was out of control and that is unacceptable.

  12. I think that hitting a child when angry or frustrated is never warranted. I used to get swatted occasionally when I was a kid and when I did, it was justified. It sounds like this woman was stressed out and in need of a break. That is no excuse- but many young mothers don't have a support system and this is what happens.
  13. That is why I should have calmly gone over and said...let me hold someone for looks like its been long day...I was too scared to approach her.
  14. My mother was a pediatric psychologist and never once hit my brother or I, and from what I've been told, we were very well behaved. While I myself don't have children I'm sure that there are plenty of effective ways to discipline children without hitting them. It sounds to me like this woman needs to brush up on her parenting skills and invest in a good form of contraception.
  15. I was brought up with a lot of corporal punishment and it's very normal/common in my generation. Although there were lots of days of pulling ears while kneeling on cockle shells, caning etc. I would do the same if I were to have children in the future(Ok, maybe not the cockle shell part cus that REALLY hurts) because I'm not really a firm believer of "Spare the rod and spoil the child". There are too many examples of children gone wrong in my society with that kind of parenting including the many rude and ungrateful children who scream at their parents.

    But IMO, whacking the kids that way is really really too much, especially when there was no reason for her to do so then she is definitely sending a wrong message IMO. Least my parents caned me and my siblings when we were mischievous but what she did according to you was totally uncalled for.