I'm so addicted

  1. to MAC make up!

    i swear everytime they come out with new eyeshadows i just keep buying out the whole line. i keep getting the lipglosses too even though i don't always wear it.

    do any of you ladies have an addiction like mine?
  2. I don't, but I have a couple friends who swear by everything Mac and only wear their eyeshadows. The do have some great colours!
  3. um....:blush:

    i want to place an order online for one lipstick, and of course, i say to myself, i should look at the site to see what else i might want. and my shopping cart groans under the weight of my items...

    thankfully, MAC is the only makeup brand that does this to me! skincare is usually my downfall.
  4. I love MAC, too!!!!
  5. I've been wanting to try some MAC makeup... I just bought some lipglass in desire yesterday and love it! I will have to try the eyeshadows next!
  6. don't even talk about addictions... i think i have a major problem LOL. i have spent waaaaaaaaay too much money on mac.:girlsigh:
  7. I really like MAC too. It's not the only brand I use but I really like their brushes and their eyeshadow colors are brilliant! I also use Mac Select fond de teint and the studio fix powder and I like the natural looking effect I get with it.
  8. I loooooooooooove mac make-up! the eye shadows are to die for...
  9. I love MAC eyeshadows. I find that they keep their intense color for a really long time.
  10. I love MAC!! Check out www.specktra.net, it's the best makeup/MAC forum. The tutorials are so helpful!!
  11. I :heart: MAC too, they have a wide range of colors and good quality too
  12. rite now i am extremely obsessed with mac eyeshadows!! i cant get enough trying to create the perfect eye!! in every colour!!
  13. Thanks for the link!! this site really gives amazing tutorials!!