Im Slowly Falling Inlove With The Spy

  1. i never really like the spy until lately, after seeing pics here i want one too ... that is if i can afford one :crybaby: does anyone know how much a fendi dark brown cost ? also whats the cheapest spy? thanks everyone
  2. I think the cheapest one is the baby one, which in Canada is about $2000.00 Canadian. All the medium SPY bags (the most common size) cost $2900.00 + Canadian. I think the brown leather one you are talking about will run you about US$2300.00 + . Good luck and let us know what you decide!!!
  3. Oh theres one at Holts Vancouver its the small or something size one and its only 1300.

    Its really cute (two toned with the main color being green).
  4. yes the baby spy is the best bet for pricing, running on average about $1100 US ... another option is the spy hobo or purse, both also about jus over $1k US ... reg spy will run you about $2000 US to start... however, ask a SA at bloomingdales and/or nieman marcus... sometimes they give you x% off purchaes if you open a card account with them... you may or may not use it... but many times a SA will do everything they can to save u $$ ... u can save anywhere from 10-20% off that way! hope that helps! cheers!
  5. Which style do you like? The regular spy or the baby spy?

    The regular spy is a little bit more expensive than the baby spy.

    BUt it worths saving the money to get spy you love best.
  6. Isn't it funny how we see a bag and maybe don't immediately love it but the more we see it the more we love it? I am the same way. I like to go to the stores over and over. I usually find that I'm drawn to something that initially I didn't care for.

    My DH always says why do you keep going back, just get something. I can't get him to understand that I like to go back several times and get a feel for things and think about them.
  7. sweettea im inlove with the regular medium sized spy :love:

    piperlu - i feel exactly the same way,if i dont like it at first. The more i see it the more i love it