Im slowly cleaning out my closet..a few things to give away.

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  1. Sea shell handle bag. Carried twice...bought in a little boutique in the UK.

    Pink Ted Baker v-neck, sleeveless t-shirt, tan is the same. Again, worn twice, bought in the Uk. Size is a lg, but more like a med.

    Yours if you like! Just cover the shipping.
    DSC01577.JPG DSC01580.JPG DSC01582.JPG DSC01583.JPG
  2. That's so sweet of your Sunshine! I'm sure you'll make some PF members very happy! The bag is beautiful and the shirts are just perfect for summer! Thanks so much for offering!
  3. Wow that is SO nice to offer!! I am sure someone will love these! I personalyl own TOO much so I will refrain!
  4. The bag is gorgeous. It is so thoughtful of you.
  5. That bag is lovely. Great gesture, Sunshine!
  6. You inspired me!! I am going to go through my closet to find some cute things to give away. In less in a week I will be moving so the less stuff I have to pack, the better!
  7. YOu are a total sweetheart! Good for you!
  8. You're a doll!
  9. Great idea, Sunshine :biggrin: I should really do this, since I'm moving next month!
  10. You have such cute stuff, do you need help cleaning out your closet ? :love:
  11. Okay, shell bag is gone. I would keep the Ted Baker t-shirts, but everytime I wore them some one would say...who is ted...does he get baked or some stupid remark!! Im off to keep sifting...through the mounds of unworn goods....(not fun)

  12. Ted Bakes good clothes! Hehehe!

    I lurrve Ted Baker. Such a good make!
  13. Ditto!!! LOL

    I think the "freebes" are a great idea and I have quite a few. I need to get some pics and post here!!!
  14. How sweet of you.
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