I'm Singing The Blues ...

  1. ... because Spring is a long time coming.

    In the meantime, I have finally found the blue that cheers me right up. After a fiasco of a purchase on the 'bay, and the sending of this beauty to BV for repair, and just receiving it back yesterday - I am so pleased. They gave the bag a complimentary spa, too, so she's just like new and man, does she feel good. Wish I knew what products they used...

    Presenting the China (blue) Cervo Hobo from the F/W 2010 season - lovely purple suede lining - with my Oceano card case and my Nero Wallet ... and a stray Daffodil or two ...
    2014 03 06_0873_600x400.JPG 2014 03 06_0872_600x400.JPG 2014 03 06_0874_600x400.JPG 2014 03 06_0875_600x400.JPG 2014 03 06_0876_600x400.JPG
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  2. Nice! May I ask what was done to your bag and also the cost? Thanks for sharing.:smile:
  3. ... Sorry I was not following your thread previously; I guess it has something to do with the lining?
  4. Fabulous. How long did it take?
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    The magnet closure was broken (in that one magnet had moved to the other side of the bag.) It was repaired for free, but only because I mentioned strongly that it was an issue that should not have happened, and BV is strongly customer-service oriented, so they did not argue.

    I've seen this particular issue in three Cervo Hobos I've owned in the past; this was the third that came to me 'damaged', so I'm guessing it's an issue that nobody talks about - .

    Otherwise, I believe the magnet repair is $65.00 normally (as of 2/2014).
  6. A little over a month.
  7. Hi India - Your Cervo hobo is so pretty.
  8. China was a beautiful color
    it was the same year that Ink came into extistence
    china was only made in althernative leathers
    ie: Cervo, Croc, python etc
    Only products in Nappa were made in Ink
  9. Thanks!

    It is so pretty. I love when they do the different linings. Thanks!
  10. Congrats, your China Cervo Hobo is really beautiful! So cool with the purple interior! :smile:
  11. Oh yay! She is back! And prettier than ever! It was worth the wait.
  12. Very blue-tiful India. I have been on the prowl for a new BV having received a lovely work bonus from my awesome boss. I used to wear a lot of blue when I lived in my hometown Boston. After seeing your bag and Grietje's, I may ditch my nero / gray quest and head for the blue and happy skies.
  13. Gorgeous...I love this blue. What a find, friend
  14. Jealous as hell!
  15. Ms Bering sends Ms China a wiggle and nuzzle! I've been wearing mine nonstop for two weeks now!