I'm sick of snow (rant)

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  1. Sorry but this has been building up for weeks. I’m sick of snow. I’m sick of cold I’m sick of wet but mostly I’m sick that I have 100 pairs of shoes yet the last couple months been forced to rotate the same 3 pairs because of the snow. I don’t dare wear any of my good shoes, including my good boots in the snow in fear of ruining them. The closest I got was a nice day (40ies) and most of the snow had melted so I decided to wear a pair of black leather boots, I slid on a patch of ice that still existed. So much for that.

    I also just got a pair of CL heels but of course can’t wear them. I look at my shoes all stacked nicely and just sitting there. It depresses me.

    Besides Uggs, does anyone know where I can get a really good pair, maybe designer snow boots? I’m chucking the ones I’ve been wearing all winter in a month or so. I’d prefer black so they can go with anything and water-resistant, good traction.
  2. Time to move to TX. :smile: It was 80 the other day and I had on my peep toes. It iced yest but I am back in peeptoes today and it is 60.

    MJ has some super cute Rain/Snow boots.
  3. I HATE snow. :sad:
  4. When I was in California, I always wish it will snow, so that I can play with it. After I moved to the east coast, the saying" every coin has its two sides" speaks loud
  5. I hear you. I'm in Minneapolis and I haven't seen GREEN since November. The last time I was able to wear CLs was when I went out to dinner 3 weeks ago and they had valet at the restaurant. But I still wore snow boots to the car. Have you tried Cole Haan, Aquatalia or La Canadienne? My current winter boots are Cole Haans and they aren't awful, however I'm getting pretty sick of them.

  6. It's amazing how sick of the same boots you can get when you wear them everyday.

    Don't get me wrong, winter has its advantages. I get to wear more sweaters, jackets and coats that I love. I just wish I could wear more of my shoes. I have a pair of boots, I think they are Robert Clagerie but they are suede and therefore would be ruined in snow.
  7. I adore the fall, when I can wear all my boots and any heels with black tights. But all this snow, sub-zero temperatures and ice is getting really tiresome, I agree. It is just plain unsafe to wear any pretty shoes in this weather unless I know I will be indoors the whole time. I don't have any good suggestions, as I am in the same boat, but I do feel your pain.
  8. Would you ever wear your 'sensible' shoes just to get where you are going then change into your nice shoes? Lots of girls in nyc do that.
  9. ^^ I do that with work all the time or I should say I did. But I was laid-off a couple months ago so I haven't gotten that chance. Any other time it's just a hassle to change out of them if I'm not going to be someplace more then an hour or two, and unless I have someplace to put the boots it wouldn't work.
  10. I'm in Minneapolis too and sick of the snow and cold. I just started building a shoe collection in the fall before the snow hit; I've got 3 pairs of warm weather shoes at home that I haven't even worn yet. Fiance keeps saying what's the point in spending the money if you are only going to wear them half the year. Fortunately, I scored a pair of CL boots that should arrive next week, so then I'll have something to wear out if the snow isn't too bad, but even then, I'll probably be too afraid of ruining them to wear them outside. I love the look of the snow, but I kinda wish it was like the last few winters we've had where the snow held off until January or February.
  11. I hear you and i'm right there with you!!! WE need spring!!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, this is the worst part of winter right now. :tdown:
  13. i am sick of snow too...I don't mind the cold, but I can't take the balckberry slushies anymore T_T

    I too bring my nice shoes with me to work and change into them...I am sure lots of other shoe fanatics there will understand me :P
  14. I don't like the snow either, and the salt that is put down to prevent ice is even worse on shoes!
  15. I do that too and heck it doesn't snow in CA :P. I do it when all the time because I dont want to ruin my shoes and because of the rain.