I'm shopping the PF Chanel Library...what do you think?

  1. I have literally been browsing the Chanel Library from head to toe and I am absolutely IN LOVE w/ this bag! OK, I want this bag...really! Comments or advice on this handbag anyone? I'm trying now to remember the name, ah, The New York Ligne? W/ a zipped compartment at the bottom.
    I see it in Black & cream. I also saw a pic of smoothporter wearing hers !! She is lovely! And it retails for approx: 2400+
    flap3.jpg pnyblk2.jpg
  2. Here is another photo of Smoothporter and her bag! Thanx again:smile:
    More info: Aged calfskin from the Fall/Winter Paris/New York Ligne.
    I would love now to have the size and drop of handle.
    I would love to use it as a shoulder bag too.
  3. Should I or shouldn' I and why?
  4. Yes! The FABULOUS Paris New York Flap!
    It's a fantastic bag and it's a really BIG bag!
    Very hard to find unfortunately.
  5. Do I call the 800 # to check stock?
    Do I call my local Chanel Boutique?
    Are those usually the steps taken at first?
    Go to Boutiques and hope they pull it out from the back room ( LOL with SWANKY) I will do this today, 'cause I love that bag.
    Oh I can always snatch it away from Ms. Smoothporter HeeHee
  6. Hello Ladies....I was told you may be able to tell me if these bag are the real deal. This is very much appreciated. Thank you!!
    89_1_b.jpg 6b_1.jpg a6_1.jpg
  7. Sorry guys, this was supposed to go under Authenticity Forum:nuts:
  8. Yes, if you ask to the Authenticity forum Michele and Smoothporter will certainly give you a hand. Anyway I would contact the seller to ask for more pictures of the interior, the authenticity card and matching inside label. If the seller doesn't speak English, I'll be very glad to translate your questions!:yes:
  9. I just put these in their forum. Your so nice to do that for me. But you think if they don't speak english and I don't speak spanish then maybe thats a sign right there to stay away? Sounds ridiculous I know but I just get that feeling I can't explain.
  10. Why Spanish? The seller is Italian:yes:. I'd try to contact her in English, I think there won't be problems, as I can see she already sold some stuff abroad. She sold some other Chanel cambon, a Gucci and a Balenciaga. Anyway your question is not ridiculous, if the seller and the buyer can't communicate properly, there can be problems with the transaction.
    Good luck and let me know how it's going on!
  11. Keykey, I saw you posted the pics in the "Fake chanel? Post it here!" forum. I suggest you to move it in the "Authenticate this Chanel", because the first forum is for items which are fakes for sure, while the Authenticate is for items that need to be authenticate (which is your case). I will follow what the other member have to say on this bag!
  12. I have this bag in the dark white color. I loooove it. Go for it. The bronze is gorgeous too. Oh heck, I love it in all the colors. LOL
  13. I love that bag.