I'm shocked, I have so much black & white!

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  1. Well I finally got around to cleaning my closet and rearranging my clothes. I decided this time around to just sort them my color regards of the type of clothing (ie. camisole, sweater, dress, etc.). I did not realize how much black and white colored clothes I have! Geez and they are not even my favorite colors. Crazy, huh? I guess those are two colors that very versatile, so not that crazy.

    It was very interesting to see and even better, now I know which colors I need to add to my wardrobe. So how do y'all have your clothes arranged in your closet? Any handy-dandy secret to share on organization...because I'm all ears!
  2. when I had a closet...they used to be arranged by type, then color (i.e. all shirts together then color). Now I have almost no space, and am just glad to be able to shove all my stuff in it!!
  3. I've taken to arranging clothes in rainbow order in my wardrobe! :shame: :lol:

    It looks pretty and helps me find things more easily. :yes:

    I also have a lot of black; but not so much white.
  4. I hear you about seeing too much black! It is very versatile so it's hard for me to resist the urge. If there is a black top with a unique cut or style I can't resist. I arrange all the black colors on the left side of my closet and as you go towards the right the colors get lighter. I do that for tops, bottoms, socks(in a drawer). For clothes, within the colors I usually try to arrange similar textures together such as silks, wools so I have an easier time finding things.
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