I'm sharing a secret with everyone *about patina-ing*

  1. So i just got my straps replaced for my papillon but I didn't get the piping replaced. I didn't think that it'd make that big of a difference but boy was I wrong! My girlfriend who used to work at lv told me to use baby oil to darken the patina. Here are my results after two coatings:


    left is before, and right is after keke

    hope this helps.

    before pic of bag:

    after pic of bag:
  2. Wow--what a difference! Does the baby oil make the handles/leather greasy or is it fairly dry?
  3. it's not greasy at all, cause baby oil seals the moisture in the leather, it's just perfect. kinda like having your handles absorb your hands natural oils.

    and its oil, i don't see how it'll dry up the handles.
  4. MMMM thanks, I must try that on the base of my Cabas, got a few stains ugh! which should even out with patina so will use some oil not to help it along, great tip. :yahoo:
  5. I love your Pap... :love:
  6. Cool--I think I might try that. I was just wondering if the handles would be greasy to the touch, but it looks like they aren't! Thanks for the tip! :smile:
  7. Thanks for the tip, will look into that for my next bag with virgin vachetta :smile:
  8. Great idea. May try it on my Riveting bag.
  9. thanks for the tip! enjoy your "new" papillon! :biggrin:
  10. Ya know. I'm so glad you posted this, cause I've always wondered if I got a Bedford's straps replaced, should I also replace piping, what I like about my Sullivan GM is the even patina with both straps and piping, so you showed me and answered my question. How cool that you got your straps replaced first and I think the baby oil is great! Hooray for LV! It IS a truly gorgeous pap!!!
  11. great tip
    so all baby products are good for our babies
    tnx hon
  12. It's looking better! With so many ppl trying to make their bag Patina, I wonder if anyone has tried to prevent a Patina effect? Is it possible to 'remove' the Patina? I like keeping my bags fresh, brand new, and and as close to the nearly white Vachetta for as long as possible. :winkiss:
  13. Wow thanks for sharing that great tip!!
  14. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    If you go to the Louis Vuitton FAQ section, there is a lot of info posted about vachetta and patina. :yes:
  15. Cool! Thanks for sharing!