I'm shaking & freaking out right now!!! HELP HELP!!!!

  1. I returned the Multicolor purse more than a month ago. All of sudden, this morning I received a package from Eluxury. The purse is sent back to me. I have no idea why. It was supposed to be return because it's a defective item. The purse had no nylon proctection, scratches on the leather, very dusty inside ( it's the white mc color so the inside is red...i can totally tell), half of the blue stickers peel. I called them up and they said LV inspected it and they said it's in no sale condition, therefore, it's returned to me.

    THe thing is the purse was used. :wtf:...not by my mom. It was like that when we first got it. I sent it back right away...and i stated it as defective. I talked to one of the customer respenstative and he said once LV inspection teame processed it, they can't do anything. I told him to ask his supervisor about it anyways. They took more than a month to get back to me, no update, no response. I thought they will give me the money afterward. So I went out and bought my mom another one (same purse). It's an expensive purse for me. And I can't afford 2 same bags. What can I do????? Sue them? Get my credit card company involved?

    Oh my gosh ~ I don't know what to do. This happened to me before. I bought 2 bandeau from Elux. The white MC is perfect. But the sweet flower bandeau has this scratch on it, and the tag was cut off. I knew it's a used. And I returned it. After this purse, I asked one of the customer representative how can I avoid the used item being sent to me?

    I heard so many things from Elux...but I figured since it's an expensive purse, I might not get a used one. THey took forever to get back to me, no responde, no update. I checked every week for the status and all they said "call back next week". Help me guys!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: I didn't let my mom know because she'll yell at me. I can't afford that purse right now...especially when I'm trying to buy a car.
  2. I hate Eluxury for that reason. They sell used bags all the time. I refuse to ever buy from them. I sure hope you can get this straightened out! That's just awful!
  3. Ya know what I smell a rat!! When I got my Black Cabby from them which I did return I swear someone else had it before me. Plus others have had the same problem here too.

    Call your credit card company and get them involved. Did you return the bag like the next day after you received it in that condition? That sure would help your case versus returning the bag on say the 29th day. And did you call them immediately when you got the used bag to tell them??

    I wonder if they are pushing you into a sale cause sales are slowing??
  4. I would contact your credit company... maybe if you get someone sympathetic they can reverse the charges?

    And keep talking to eluxury... (this is going to sound terrible, but) sometimes if you're persistent enough, a company will refund your money just to get you to shut up and go away
  5. i'm going through the same thing right now!

    i returned the epi montaigne clutch because it was sent w/out a strap and obviously used! however, elux has yet to process my return! they've had the package for over a week and now that i've read your post i'm freaking out too.

    i hope you are able to rectify this horrible problem.

    when i called elux this morning, the rep told me that "the return department is having major problems lately."
  6. Wow! Everyone is scaring me about Elux!!!
    Good luck, I don't know what to say!
  7. I agree but what worries me is that she has the bag in her posession again. Call your CC company now and get their opinion. Dont let them get away with this. I think I will for go buying from them all together.
  8. >>>>hugs<<<< I'm sorry this happen. Did you have a tracking number when return it? Let them you the purse is reutrned months ago, wasn't few days ago, it's not your responsibility for somthing that's been send out months ago. I would go through live chat, ask to sepak w/LV inspection team-you want to see any record/documents of when did they receive the bag, when did they inspect the bag, when was in deemd unreturnable? Let them know you already purchase a replacement bag for your mom, so definitely not the type of person return a used bag after holidays.

    I know it's hard, but keep your cool, and contact them whenever possible, trakc dates and names of who you spoke with. Hope everything turn out ok :flowers:
  9. OMG!! I'm so sorry you're going through that! I cannot believe eluxury would do that!! Good luck!
  10. Ew, yuk...good luck to everyone, keep us posted!
  11. Oh my gosh.. horrible !! I would get your credit card company involved at this point and yes, keep on harassing eluxury. That is just wrong that they've done that to you !
  12. I'm so disappointed in E lux!
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  13. I received it on Friday. And it was suppose to the a present for my mom. So we didn't open it until Monday. She looked at it and she said it's pretty dirty. She didn't expect Louis Vuitton has such a terrible sale condition. I went online on Wednesday for a return number. I had no idea how it's going to be. Like I said I expected it to be return & refund my money.

    Can't you believe it? No word for more than a month. Then all of sudden I got a package this morning. I was very supprised. I don't expect anything to be ship to me. Gosh when I opened it, I was so mad. They have the purse for so long. I hear so many thing but I have no idea.

    I called more than 10 times since the package was sent. hawaii2484 : you gotta call them and rush them about it. image if I didn't call them, they probably take even longer. I toke the inside picture since it was dusty....just in case.
  14. I would be totally ballistic.:censor::rant: Completely out of my mind if that were me...for the reason of their 90 day return policy I would never buy from them as it gives some people time to use a bag, get tired of and return it. I've read too many horror stories here. I would be calling my cc card company for help also. Good luck.
  15. That is just horrid! :wtf: I agree with the advice from everyone above... it's awful you have to do anything though.