I'm seriously thinking (more lubriderm experimentation)...

  1. That when buyers are calling in requests to BalNY for 06' bag with less veins they are personally conditioning them with Lubriderm and then shipping them out.
    They did say they use Lubriderm on the bags there...and after following Roo's great lubriderm experiment, and seeing members "pick me a less veiny" bags from BalNY I decided to take the plunge.

    My bag felt dry. I live in a dry climate, and the color distressing marble-y whiteness felt like dryness....and I think it was.

    I used Nutriderm, instead of Lubriderm. It's the gentlest quick dry moisturizer in Canada (according to my derm.)
    1cornflowerafterfrontnoflash.jpg 1cornflowerafterfront.jpg 1cornflowerafterback.jpg
  2. I was thinking the same thing Winona- but the bag I got from BalNY was super veiny and dry when I got it, so who knows.
  3. i bet they do! haha how clever of them if they did... :idea:

    yours look delish winona! the texture really looks so fabulous
  4. I think you hit the nail on the head! I just have not found enough courage to do this yet- but planning on it after seeing all of these amazing results! Thanks for posting the results Winona!!!
  5. looking good Winona77
  6. Your bag looks beautiful! Hmm...I think you guys might be right. I can imagine the BalNY SAs furiously massaging Lubriderm into the veiny/crackly bags in the back everytime one of us calls in to ask for the least marbly/veiny of the lot. lol.
  7. Here is the same bag when it arrived 2.5 months ago.
    It even feels so much thicker. I think it's just the added moisture.
    I wonder if the stopped treating the 06' bags with something moisturizing or oil they were previously using to cause the change.
    1cornflower1arrival.jpg 1cornflowerarrival.jpg
  8. Poor Joseph!!! He must have the softest hands :smile:
  9. hahaha! i'm going to rub more into my ink shrug now. Your bag looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!
  10. bahahaaaaaa...

    and yes, go rub more into the shrug.
    my bag feels SO MUCH BETTER!!!!
    I just touched it, I can't believe it's possible to like it even more!:love:
  11. i just did and my hands are soft! I'm going to post up pictures in a separate thread.
  12. ok butwhat happens when the bag gets caught in the rain? will it get all slimy? hahahahaha.
  13. hahahahha
  14. Ew!! I think it just soaked right up and it will dry out again, eventually.
    It IS skin afterall. Poor little goat.
    Thanks little goat.
  15. :roflmfao: somehow that sounded wrong! hahahha.