I'm seriously the best big sister ever!

  1. My little sisters (twins) are graduating high school this Sunday. I went up to the Miracle Mile originally to get them Tiffany necklaces but decided to stop into LV instead and I wound up getting them each their very own cles. For Suzie, I got Damier azur b/c she loves my azur pochette and always wants to borrow it and for Karyn I got a damier one because she doesn't really like monogram but she wears a lot of brown and dark earthy tones, so it suites her pretty well. I hope they like them! I'm so tempted to give them to them before Sunday lol. I love gift giving! :smile:
  2. What a nice sister :smile:
  3. Ah that's so nice, what lovely pressies!
  4. How nice of you!
  5. yay! i wish i got LV for my graduation...
  6. You are so sweet:smile:
  7. LV really does make the perfect gift! What great gifts you selected.
  8. That is really sweet, I'm sure they will appreciate it hugely, and will mean a lot more as they are gifts.
  9. How nice :heart:
  10. you are a great sister!!
  11. Awww that's so sweet of you! And tell them congrats on their graduation!
  12. You are an awesome sister.
  13. Awww so sweet. Congrats for being a great sister.
  14. You're such a sweet sis! I'm sure they're gonna love their gifts!
  15. That's so nice of you!