I'm seriously considering lipo, has anyone had it?

  1. I have always been slim with a skinny top half and FAT thighs and a sticky out bottom! Anyway since I left uni I have put on weight and am now more of a uk 12 than the 8 - 10 I used to be, I used to obsess and be so so careful but I just don't seem to be able to do that anymore, and I just really want to get rid of the fat on my thighs, has anyone had lipo and what were the results like?

    Also, I have cellulite, (awful for a 23 year old) it's quite bad but my mum and sister have it too so I think it's hereditary in my family, does lipo help this and does lipo leave you with loose skin? What are recovery times like? And can you wash properly down there (sorry a bitpersonal I know) with that body costume on?

    Also what is the best sort the sort where you go under a general or the twilight one?

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!:yes:
  2. No I haven't but I've been considering having it in my thighs for years, and I mean YEARS! I've even consulted with 3 or 4 surgeons about it. I'm not certain I'll have the results I want since a lot of before and afters I look at don't look that great to me.

    It doesn't really help with cellulate from what I hear but I am very interested in VASER or SmartLipo which are newer forms that use a laser and are supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite or keep you from getting worse cellulite after the procedure.

    I have always been pretty skinny but I just have these thighs that are out of proportion to my body and I hate it. I'd love to hear from anyone who's had it done and is happy with their surgeon. Even though it seems to be a simple procedure it's something I believe that takes the right surgeon that will give you a good result.
  3. Cellulite will not be helped much by this.

    Liposuction will help that area, but you will need to keep weight off, or else you can just put weight back on. A plastic that I know said that the weight typically will come back somewhere else and settle there.

    I def do not know a ton of info on this, so ask around a ton!
  4. Also, I wanted to add- many plastics will suggest that you still work out a lot and watch your diet. Lipo is not the answer all the time
  5. I had lipo done about 10 years ago. I am pretty happy with the results. After having my last baby 3 years ago I retained quite a bit of belly fat and was contemplating having it done again, this time on my abdomen, but I opted for lipodissolve instead. It takes longer for results but it is quite a bit less expensive and the fat melts away a little at a time and you can stop treatments at any time, just as soon as you're happy with the results. I had 4 treatments done last summer and just had another treatment on Wednesday. I am hoping that is the last one.
    I don't have to wear a compression garment like I had to after lipo, swelling goes away faster, there is no anesthesia, all in all I felt it was a healthier option for me.

  6. Sorry to sound stupid but what is this?
  7. Is lipodissolve like VASER, laser lipo?

    I have had thighs too big for my body for years. I am just worried that (a) I won't like the way the doctor does it and won't like my new shape and (b) that I'll regain fat in other places I never had it before.

    I'm not trying to lose weight really but just to contour a part of my body that is out of proportion. I can go up or down in weight and I'm still out of proportion in my thighs to the rest of my body. I even had one trainer tell me that I might have to get my body fat so low to lose the fat in that area that I might not like the way the rest of me looks (think Nicole Richie) and he even said I might have to have lipo if I really want to lose that fat.

    I've seen a lot of before and afters that look like crap though. Anyone know of a great lipo doctor?
  8. Megs is right! My SIL had lipo twice and she can't keep the weight off. You HAVE to work out. She's very petite but when she gains, she gains. Right now, she is bigger than she was before having her 2 kids. You have to work out!!!!!
  9. I can not forget to mention my cousin. She had a tummy tuck. She almost died. She was in ICU for a week because her lung partially collapsed during the procedure. Anyway, her stomach was tighter but started getting a budge because she stopped working out. Now she's in boot camp.
  10. ^ Yep... What Envyme said :yes:
  11. Yep, you can definitely gain the fat back, fat cells have no limits to the amount of fat they can hold. So even though some get sucked out the remaining ones can totally pick up the slack. LOL.

    What I like about the lipodissolve is that it works a little at a time so there is less of a chance of being disappoointed with the results. But the same applies to it, the remaining fat cells can just keep growing so a person still has to be aware to keep the fat from coming back on.

    lipodissolve is injections of vitamins, enzymes, and phosphatidylcholine (derived from soy) which essentially melts the fat and then it is flushed out with body waste.
  12. so does lipodissolve actually work? It sounds sort of like mesotherapy which I've never been fully convinced works.
  13. ^ lipodissolve sounds great..

    i think im going to see if its on offer here
  14. Like many wrote, it's better to try to diet and work out. Any surgical procedure involves some risk. Your body haven't yet reached its "peak" years, don't do it.
  15. Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve are pretty close to the same thing, most places use the names for the same procedure. For instance the first DR I saw called it mesotherapy, the 2nd Lipodissolve. The difference is supposed to be in how deep they inject the solution. And YES it definitely works.
    I lost weight prior to having it done and used these treatments for areas that were not responding to diet and exercise. I do not recommend using this in place of exercise and eating healthy. That would be very expensive and very painful. :huh: