I'm selling the 2003 Red Balenciaga Twiggy on eBay

Mar 16, 2006
Just to let you guys know, I am selling the 2003 Red Twiggy on ebay now - Item number: 6861041377. As all of you might know, I purchased it off ebay from lovehatestory for $1999.99. Although the bag, particularly the shade of red and leather, is stunning and beautiful, the twiggy style and red color doesn't suit me as I had imagined. Maybe I'm more conservative than I thought I was. But regardless, this is a loss for me but hopefully there will be someone who loves this shade of red and style. The red (berry) shade in fall 2005 was not same shade as this one.....that's why I paid so much because this shade is hard to find.
i know its a long shot and unlikely- but did you try to ask the seller to do a return/refund? (i doubt that the seller would be into it... but you should at least try!)

otherwide... good luck selling it! :smile:
Sweetsparkle maybe I am just paranoid but I see one of the bbay you are selling the photo doesn't look right. I remember seeing the same photo on ebay with diff. seller.
sweetsparkle said:
do you know her? why would she resell it?

No, I don't know her. I watch eBay frequently though so I am familiar with her username. She sells, and buys, b-bags. I think she may have resold some of her purchases in the past. The act, of course, is nothing unusual in and of itself. I've never purchased from her, but I think some of others here may have. The bags that she auctions off are always great.