I'm Seeing Spots...please help me edit

  1. I have recently picked up one too many pairs of leopard print CLs. With all the great sales going on, I just couldn't help myself and got a few pairs of leopard CLs that I probably would not have bought at full price, however the $199 sale at Nordstrom made it tough to pass on some of these styles.
    But now I have realized that I just have too many leopard print shoes, and I need to edit the collection. In addition to the shoes pictured below, I also have the leopard pony hair rolandos which I will never part with and leopard pony pigalles in 100mm which I also don't want to give up.

    These are all similar open toed leopard print/pony, so what do you think, which are keepers, and which should I get rid of?

    From left to right:
    Leopard Pony Alta Ariella boots - originally $1.5K, purchased for about 85% off, not sure that I will ever wear these since they are a bit too busy for me

    Leopard Patent Ernesta - I saw these on Beyonce and thought they looked great on her but never sought them at when they were full price, also picked up for a great deal

    Leopard Pony Sevillana - these are my favorite so far, and I think that they are pretty comfortable

    Leopard Pony Numero Prive - not sure how I was lucky enough to get these at the second markdown at BG, but I literally jumped up and down in excitement when I found them on the sale rack the other day

    Leopard Yoyo Zeppa - I bought these about 3 years ago, wore them once and they have just been sitting in their box since because they are a bit uncomfortable since they are 1/2 a size too small :tdown:

    Thanks for the advice ladies.
    P1180033.jpg P1180035.jpg P1180036.jpg
  2. OMG Kamilla, you can't get rid of the boots. Those are so hot!!!! I think you can sell the yoyos because like you said, they are not getting any use. If it were me, I would keep the rest of them. lol I love leopard! (Getting my first pair of leopard (the peanut wedges) in the mail soon.
  3. Also, def keep the ernestos because they are different leopard than the others.
  4. I would suggest getting rid of the Yoyo Zeppas (as pretty as they are :sad:), since they are too small. I've lived in denial about too small shoes before and tried to stretch them around the house, only to never venture into wearing them out, because who wants to be in agony all night?

    Also, if you think you'll never wear the boots, you should sell them and put the money towards another fab pair that you will wear.
  5. I'm the wrong person to ask as I love love leopard print and have quite a few pairs myself. BUT if the yoyo's don't fit those should be the one to go, I was searching for these forever but after getting sevilanna's they may be too close to get( but I'm thinking about it) lol but that boot is fantastic, I simply adore the ernestas and Sevillana's are one of my favorite CL of all time so that leave the yoyo's and the no prive's which are one of my favorite style of CL..... Which one's will you wear?

    I'm rambling and am being of very little help! Next time you go to the BG and Nordstrom sales you should take me LOL I'll buy some of the leopard prints so you don't have too:lol: You have every one of the leopard prints that I like!!! Including the rolando's and pigalles
  6. If you have to get rid of a pair, I think it should be the yoyo zeppa. Don't keep shoes that are uncomfortable. :amuse:
  7. Agreed the yoyos should go as they do not fit properly. And as hot as the boots are, what is the point of keeping them if you are not going to wear it. But please don't break my heart and give these boots another try... they are ga ga gorgeous!
  8. I dont like the boots at all. Too much leopard for me . Dont get me wrong .. love love love leopard pony hair but not on the boots, although I like the ariella style and own a pair myself. Its just that I think leopard is more elegant or classy when it takes up a small surface area.

    I dont know why but I never really liked the ernesta style.. something to do with my aversion to the ankle strap peep-toe combo. Plus I dont like how 'cheap' the leopard on the patent was done on this style.

    ofcourse its much easier to say my opinion of what I love the most that would be hands down the sevillanas , NPs and naturally the pigalles !!!!
  9. Ahhh! I love them all! :heart:

    But, the must-haves for me out of the ones shown are the boots (but, would need to see these 'on') and the sevillanas!

    (Oh great, now you're making me want to repurchase my leopard rolandos!)
  10. I would sell the YoYos since they don't fit you right.

    Btw I'm super jealous that you got CLs for $199 (omg)! My Nordstrom doesn't even carry CL!
  11. Thanks for the input ladies. Honestly, I would have never purchased the boots or the ernestas at full price, but they were $199 at Nordstroms and I just couldn't help myself. But I guess what is the point of spending money on something if I don't love it just because it is super discounted.

    Butterfly - the leopard rolandos are one of my favorite shoes, they are very comfortable and I have used them a lot this season. The darker leopard pony hair on the rolandos makes them perfect for fall/winter and it is a nice change from the classic lighter CL leopard print.
  12. Kamilla - I think you are already keeping some fantastic leopard CLs. The leopard pony rolandos and the leopard pony pigalle 100s are each my favorite.

    If there was no sizing issue with the Leopard Yoyo Zeppas, I would recommend that you keep these too. My greatest regret was buying these a long while ago and foolishly returning them. The only reason I recommend letting go of these is because you mentioned that they are too small and uncomfortable. If you've only worn them once, then you can sell them and apply the money towards a new pair of CLs.

    I would next recommend that you sell the Leopard Pony Alta Ariella boots. They are ultra-sexy, but they are a bit busy. I don't mind a lot of leopard on a handbag, but I do think it's a little too busy for boots.

    These are the main 2 pairs that I would recommend selling. I think each of the other leopard shoes are different enough in their own way and worth keeping. For example, I like that the leopard patent and style of the Ernestas is different, the Sevillanas are gorgeous and a beautifully done D'Orsey (CL doesn't do a lot of D'Orsays either), and the VPs are just a class must have (and on sale too! - I would have squealed with excitement as well). Also, while you are already committed to keeping two closed toe pumps, the open toe Ernestas, Sevillanas and NPs are a nice compliment to your collection.

    Good luck narrowing down your collection! :flowers: I have to do the same thing one of these days as well so that I can get rid of some duplicates and make room for new styles.
  13. i think you can get rid of the yoyoy zeppas..
  14. wow. those are all so beautiful! i would get rid of the boots since you might not wear them if you think they're too much. if you got such a great deal you might be able to make a good profit on them on ebay. i happen to adore the yoyos but if they don't fit you right then there's no sense in keeping them. if you love them find them in a size that will fit you. wow, though, i keep going back to look at your pics. they are all amazing!
  15. Come to think of it, the boots may be too much print...but I just love animal prints so much, I spoke without thinking..

    Your pony hair rolandos are comfortable?!
    I had to part with mine because they were unbearable to walk in; me and rolandos just don't jive.. unless they're suede.

    I know how the leopard patents look cheap to some, but I kinda like that 'Peggy Bundy' feel (I like to have fun with my wardrobe), I even may get the rolande version if I find a pair on sale. :p

    I agree...just because it's on sale doesn't mean you should buy it! If you don't love the item and don't see yourself getting a lot of use out of it... just use that money for something better! ...and something better usually comes around. :yes: