I'm seeing red, or maybe orange or bleu jean...


Which color to choose for next 35cm Birkin

  1. H Orange

  2. Rouge Garance

  3. Bleu Jean

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Disregarding skin coloring, eye/hair color and wardrobe, please give me your opinion--

    If you had the three colors mentioned in the poll to choose from in a Birkin 35cm preferably Fjord or Togo which would you choose just based on the color of the bag.

  2. Toughy - I like all of those in togo. Is hardware an issue?

    With pall I like BJ and Orange. Grainy red leather I prefer with GH. But my fave red is vermillion swift with PH.

    I can't see the poll. But forced to choose.... BJ for versatility.

    ETA: I can see the poll now. BJ it is.
  3. I chose BJ too. Very versatile color.
  4. I have to vote Blue jean because it is one of my all time favorites! But of course, you have to choose what makes your heart skip a beat! All three colors are fabulous!
  5. I chose BJ too. It's totally different than the other colors you have and it's just a great, fun color! :yahoo: But all three would be gorgeous!
  6. red.
  7. BJ! my fave color :love:
  8. I vote for red! I love the red family.
  9. After having owned both, H orange (in togo) and BJ (in clemence), I would have to go with ... Rouge (in fjord!!!:heart:) w/GH!!!:tup: I found BJ and H orange hard to match on a daily bases.:shame: Although, if you want to have a color that stands out and totally HOT, go for H orange!:yes: JMO, of course.:flowers:
  10. BJ, of course!
  11. Thanks Ladies!
    So far Bleu Jean has it by a 25% margin.

    Please keep those votes and opinions coming!!!!
  12. As far as hardware it will be palladium on which ever color is chosen.
  13. I voted Rouge Garance. It's more classic, in my personal opinion, and will go with nearly everything imaginable.
  14. ITA--and like licensetocook, I love Hermes reds, and Rouge Garance is such a wearable shade. My RG is one of my favorite Birkins.
  15. red is ever classic. blue jean is a color to own b/c it is so hermes like orange but its more seasonal and both BJ and orange dont go with everything like red does!