I'm seeing PINK!!!

  1. Congrats on your pink resolutions...:p!
    If I would live in the US with possibility to buy online I would go crazy too.
    Let us know how they fit
  2. ooo! i can't wait to see those IRL! they look so cute and so SPRING! congrats~
  3. I love the pink with the red. Show us pictures when they come in!
  4. pastels remind me of easter! very cute
  5. Congrats! I really like that shoe. I ordered a pair also, although I am still not 100% in love with the minibout zep, but perhaps it is because of the color that I originally picked. I am hoping that these will be better.
  6. the color is cute, it's so barbiesque! so spring ;)
  7. wow. LOVE those!!
  8. I was just looking at those on the website. great buy!
  9. i'm curious to see how those look IRL - make sure to post pics!

    Kamilla, I too am on the fence about the minibout...can't wait to hear your opinion once you get them too.
  10. wow, i LOVE those!!
  11. OHH those are so cute, I hadn't seen them in Pink
  12. I am in love!
    They look like candy floss :love:

    Sometimes I'm really happy I don't live in the States and can't buy almost anything online :sweatdrop:
  13. :girlsigh: Those are the perfect BARBIE shoes.
  14. I love them!
    I ordered the black yesterday from NM and today I decided to order the Pink, but I noticed the price went up $100 from yesterday?
    I just checked my order and I paid $660...now I wish I ordered the Pink yesterday!