I'm seeing Double Koobas

  1. Well, I officially went over the edge. Let me explain myself before I tell you what I did.

    I have a Metallic Army Scarlett and Sienna. I love these bags. But I never use the Sienna. Finally I realize I am afraid to. What if it wears and gets too used. I would use this bag alot if I didn't fear this.

    So I saw a MA Sienna on eBay. Scetchy auction with no good description. I start a dialog with the seller and proceeded to put her through the official screening process. After a dozen or more emails later I bought a second MA Sienna for 300 BIN.

    Now I can use my Sienna to my heart's content and not worry I won't have a back-up. The bag I bought is like brand new and the seller didn't know what she had. She was great to stick with me through the emails and that is what sold the bag. If she would have been hesitant to answer all of my questions and send more pics, I wouldn't have bought it.

    So now I am not just buying identical bags in different colors but identical bags altogether. Am I nuts or what!!!!:nuts:
  2. :p:sweatdrop::woohoo::cutesy::dothewave:
    Well, I couldn't find the right emoticon for this type of situation, so I put a bunch of them in here just because, Lexie, you are officially a true Koooooooba addict!!! My hat is off to you!
  3. LOL... of course you are a little nuts... but aren't we all?

    I think it's great that you got a second MA Sienna, now you can be carefree and show that beauty off to the world! Congrats!!!

  4. [​IMG]
    This is Me up here....

    This is the Kooba Queen down here....

  5. You are the Kooba Queen, afterall!
  6. :tup::nuts::graucho::yahoo::roflmfao:
  7. haah oh lexie :smile:
  8. HEY ROSE! I'm not that bad yet!!!!! LOL
    But that is a nice looking bag....maybe I just might need it! LOL or two........or three......
  9. That is so funny Lexie. What frightens me though, is your mindset is rubbing off onto me. I have been worried about wearing out my Maria, hence thinking about getting another one, but no, I haven't got quite as far as the same color (not that I could get it anyway).

    You certainly have cemented your standing as the Kooba Queen with this behavior!
  10. Oh yes, totally over the edge, LOL

    But I find myself being silly about my Cognac Sienna...worrying about the handles getting worn too much and the odd scratch here and there (which is impossible to avoid with this kind of leather and even part of the charm...) I think we've all hyped these bags up a bit too much, talking about how difficult they are to come by and so on..your post made me determined to start using my bags properly, after all something new and fantastic will always come along..(I hope)
  11. You know what? Your post reminded me so much of ME! I've done the very same thing, only with boots. :wtf:

    I've had a pair of boots that I loved so much but was afraid I would "ruin" if I wore them that I actually bought another pair of the same exact boots in the same color to have as a back-up. Got the back-up pair....woo-hoo!....now I could start wearing them because I didn't have to worry I would ever be bootless if something happened to them! :tup:

    The only problem was, I DID wear them. A lot....and I loved them....and then by the time they actually did show wear, I was tired of them and ready to move on to something new anyway. So the "back-up" boots ended up being resold never having been worn and countless new shoes and boots have taken their place.

    It may be different with a bag, although I do baby mine to within an inch of their lives, but I know I finally learned my lesson. Use what I have, enjoy it, and then like Maggie7 said lust after the new and fantastic that will surely come along before I can possibly use up everything I already have, let alone go through any one thing a second time.

    That bag is really pretty though and if it's your favorite it may be a bag that no matter how many bags you have, you'll always want to own one. Congrats on your find! :yahoo:
  12. I haven't come to this realization in my relationship with my bags yet. You should see my bags. They are all nearly pristine. If they become worn I get disgusted. Even though my Breuckner is not noticable (I KNOW it's there). Most of my bags are brand new and if there is a small mark or flaw I have it blown out of proportion.
    I'll have to let this Double Kooba thing serve as a lesson to me. I'll have to watch it till it's end and see what really happens.
  13. I just could not even think to carry around a "beater" bag under any circumstances, so in that regard, I am just like you guys when it comes to the mystery scratch or smudge. I will obsess over where I could have possibly gotten it. I guess purses are a lot like new cars. When you get that first ding......its very traumatic, especially when you take care of your possessions. I actually have thought of getting two bags that are the same just because I love them so much, but I have never acted on it. :smile:
  14. You know what though? When I bought my second pair of boots I KNEW I was not being especially practical. But so what! It gave me peace of mind and I looked at is as insurance. Because who knows, maybe something terrible could have happened to my boots shortly after I started wearing them and I would have been glad for the back-up pair.

    I think since it's one of your favorite bags you're going to enjoy using it so much more since you do know that in the event of something unforseen, you won't have risked losing her forever! :heart:

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I have to justify those darn boots somehow! ;)

    But I think I did learn to relax a bit about my things. Very hard though because I am a very anal person! :shrugs:
  15. Oh, Stinkerbelle, I know exactly what you mean, LOL

    I'm totally obsessed with shoes and if I love a pair, I've bought two of the same lots of times, for the same reasons you bought you're boots...I can't fully enjoy a great pair of shoes if I know I'll never have something similar again, but if I know I've got a back-up pair...:graucho:

    It's crazy, no doubt!