I'm scared!!!

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  1. My SO has inherited an American Bulldog. I am so afraid of big dogs!!!!:sad: I'm freaking out cause I'm so afraid to go over his house.:crybaby:I was there 2 days ago but he took the dog over his son's house before I got there. I don't think he'll keep doing that on a constant basis. He said that I will be fine but I'm freaking out. What if it bites me??:crybaby:They are such large dogs! Any advice:sweatdrop:?
  2. Awe, don't let the size fool you. My friend has one and they really are sweet dogs. He is probably more scared of you.
  3. Take it slow with the dog. Give yourself time to get to know the dog; he or she may be a big sweetheart. You may just want to start with the dog in another room in the house (not with you). Good luck! I Hope you can get through it. :smile:
  4. It is a fear that I have to get over. When I see a big dog, my heart starts beating fast and my palms start sweating (gross, I know). I just freak out!!! I feel like I'm going to pass out when they get near me. I just have this fear that they want to attack me. Am I over-reacting??
  5. It's okay! Don't feel bad about being afraid, just take it slowly. No one should expect that you'll run right up and start hugging the dog. Maybe it would help if you could see pictures of the dog, and then be in his house with the dog in the house but not in the same room? Then gradually build up to it?

    In my experience, a lot of big dogs are sweeter and more even tempered than a lot of smaller dogs. Most of them are big ol' babies!
  6. Dogs can sense fear...he will probably try to win you over. I had a lab that my sister in law was terrified of and he never left her alone - I think because he could sense her fear. This dog will not want to attack you - take it slow with him and in time you will grow to love him. Like someone else said here, he is probably more afraid of you. Good luck sweetie.
  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement.:flowers:
  8. Baby steps... take your time and just do what you feel comfortable with at the moment, have your SO there at all times so you know someone has control over the situation and just try and push yourself and your limits. I'm sure it'll take no time at all to become comfortable with the dog. I would get him to get the dog to sit, and have him hold the dog while you try and pet him. things like that... like everyone has said, alot of big dogs are really sweet and good natured. Good luck!!
  9. Good advice here. A good thing to do is try to convey an air of confidence around the dog. You can pretend you are confident, even if you are not, the confidence will follow.

    A fear of dogs is a primal human fear in some people. Dont feel bad about it. :heart:

    But, generally, dogs bite to protect their territory, their food, themselves. Generally, the average people-oriented socialized dog (eg not a guard or attack dog, or dog trained to fight) will not randomly attack or bite.

    Even when my big dogs are in guard mode, if a stranger comes to the gate, and I let them in, the dogs will not bite, only bark.

    Biting is really a last resort after much growling and warning has happened, even between dogs... Remember, for them, biting is a risk (they could be bitten back, etc), it is not really normal canine behavior to bite first and ask questions later.....

    A well adjusted dog will not just up and bite someone :heart:....he will want to smell you, and he will take the cue from his person (pack leader) about whether you are friendly or not. Soon, you will become part of his pack! Its great that your SO gave a home to this dog..!

    All will be well!!!
  10. They are really sweet dogs! Hope everything is going well with him! :smile:
  11. have him put the dog on leash while you there
  12. I'm sure with time you and his dog will come to be friends. I wouldnt worry too much about the dog biting you...they dont usually bite out of the blue. Try and be calm and introduce yourself to the dog by letting him sniff your hand. Maybe give the dog a treat to establish a bond with him. Most dogs are friendly lovable silly creatures who only want to be loved!!! Just take your time and I'm sure you can work it out. Good luck!~~!!!
  13. Usually, American Bulldogs are really sweet. I always see dogs at their worst, and I've never seen a mean one. Really, it's the owners who are responsible for bad, mean dogs! You'll be fine!
  14. Don't worry too much! As everyone said start off with baby steps. Go for a walk with the dog and have SO walk him. You be on the other side of SO. Don't worry about petting the dog or making any motions towards him. Just a typical stroll in the park. This will help you feel comfortable around him in a neutral setting.

    Then when in the house go about your typical business. If he comes up to check you out just continue what you're doing, give him a non-chalant pat on the head and pretend it's not a big deal. Even if you want to explode inside and crawl ontop of the table to get away. By not giving the dog any type of negative reaction to him being around he'll feel comfortable around you, which will also help you relax as well.

    I don't recommend feeding treats to have the dog like you. This can cause him to be aggressive with you if he wants treats. Just go about your usual routine and pretend he's not even there.
  15. I use to have an american bulldog and she was SUCH a sweetie! I miss her. :sad: