I'm scared of eyeshadows

  1. Well, only to use them!

    I have never really worn eye shadows, I just usually stick with eyeliner and mascara.
    I have smaller eyes that are somewhat closer together and when I use eye shadow ( esp darker ones) it closes my eye up even more.

    I really want to get over this fear lol Although I think I will mainly stick with lighter, more neutral colors. Any suggestions on products and placement? Or tricks?
    I know the whole highlighting your brow and inner eye and I was also looking at Stila's Kajal eyeliner pencil

  2. Grab some makeup remover, a pile of makeup and a mirror and just experiment until you figure out what looks best. It's like anything else-- you get better with practice. Do you have decent brushes, because that makes a difference too :yes:

    I like Revlon Colorstay shadow quads, because they're inexpensive and the colors are good. What I would do is take a darker color and apply it in the crease of your lid, but stay start on the outside and only go about 3/4 of the way in. Do the same thing when you line the bottom of your eyes-- concentrate on the outer corners and don't apply it near the inside. It will widen your eyes and make them look farther apart. It should look kind of like this:
  3. I mostly use dark shadows as liner. I either apply it with a thin flat brush or Too Faced LiquifEye, which goes on like a liquid liner. Like I said, I love Revlon Colorstay quads. My favorites Coffee Bean and Sandstorm. I have almost all of them, but if I could only keep two, I'd choose these...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I attached examples of how I usually do my liner/shadow during the day. Just very subtle and neutral, but I keep the liner and crease color concentrated on the outer corners, like I described in my previous post:yes:...
    face.JPG eye.JPG
  4. Look at you go!! Thank you! Loving all the pics as well.

    I will be heading over to Target on my lunch and purchasing these and giving it a try. Can't wait! :smile:
  5. oh yes, what mascara and liner do you use? Or is that the shadow on top giving it that effect?
  6. ^ The first pic is dark brown shadow as liner, applied with Too Faced Liquifeye. I think I have on Bourjois Volume Glamour in that pic, but I'm not completely positive. The second pic is definitely Diorshow mascara and Too Faced shadow in Dirtbag as liner, but I can't remember if I applied it with a brush or LiquifEye. I think I used a brush and smudged it...
  7. Check out pursebuzz.com She has awesome video tutorials on how to apply eyeshadow for different effects. HTH!
  8. i'm afraid, too. i always look waaay too made up~~IMO. i think it may be my huge cow eyes! and the sad thing is i lovelovelove eye shadows etc. my daily eye is just mascara.

    claire~your eyes look beautiful and subtle. i have the violet version of the revlon colorstay eye shadows, i love them but i always get the smokey eye effect somehow. maybe i'll practice.
  9. ^ Thank you :shame: :flowers:

    I'm the total opposite... I can't get my eyes to look super dramatic no matter what I do. It's actually kinda frustrating lol! I did full-on geisha makup for a party not too long ago (white, black and HOT pink) and it STILL looked subtle!? :shrugs:
  10. OOhh I love experimenting with makeup - its such a favourite hobby of mine!

    ClaireZk, as usual my dear, has provided some excellent examples! =)
    (this girl knows her stuff!)
    Bumbleb86, you decribed your eyes as small and close-set. Thats fine. Every type of pair of eyes can wear eyeshadow - its all in the technique!
    Avoid using darker shades on the inner sides of your eyes - as this will draw them closer together. Opt for lighter shades that will open the eyes up, make them look further apart, and make the 'whites' of your eyes look brighter. (My favourite is a shimmery beige).

    Also, eyeliner can play havoc on the size/shape aswell.
    For your eye-type, I'd suggest not drawing a line around the eye and following your natural shape. This will emphasise a round shape - aim for an oval instead (picture an almond! works for me) and concentrate on "winging" it out on the outer edges (and smudging a tiny bit of black eyeshadow on the outer wings).
    This is a favourite method for many women as it gives a beautiful curve, makes eyes look bigger, and the extra length on the outer sides makes eyes look further apart.

    I taught myself simply by staring at the faces i saw in womens magazines and copying what I saw. Have a go!
    =) Happy experimenting!
  11. :lol: i was going to play tonight but i just painted my nails, so i'll play tomorrow and maybe i'll post pics.
  12. I too have an eyeshadow phobia. I never do it right, IMO. I don't get the whole shading and blending thing. I am going to check out that pursebuzz.com tutorial!
  13. I SO need advice, too. I usually just wear one colour all over my lid and just a bit up to the crease, no further!

  14. That is exactly what I do. I am afraid of putting on so much that I look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.:s
  15. Here's the link for pursebuzz.com Just scroll down, she has a ton of different looks to choose from and she really takes it step by step. Have fun!