Im scared of confronting my friend...what should I do ?

  1. Im a male and My friend (a girl) is sleeping around and doing other things she shouldnt, Im 16 and shes quite close to her but sometimes she can be a *****. She sleeps with anyone and loves the attention. I dont want people to think that Im like her because I hang around with her. Im absoloutly disgusted with some of the things shes done not to name who with. What should I say to her, I dont want to fall out with her...I just want her to stop being a slag ?
  2. ahh Socialite, its great that you are looking out for your friend. It sounds like she gets an awful lot of freedom for a fiteen year old girl, I know if she was my daughter, I would not be letting her get into these situations in the first place.

    Have a chat with her, tell her that you love her, and that she is worth more than a quickie, and that she needs to value herself more. The harsh reality is that she is underage, she could pick up, at best an STI or worse HIV if she is not being careful.
    She has her whole life ahead of her, she needs to learn to start being a young girl again.

    Its hard for you, as she may not want to listen to anything you say, but from the little you have said, she sounds like she has very low self asteem and these boys are making her feel special (even if just for a minute). I am sure though, that people do not think you are like her, just because she is a friend!
  3. thankyou for your advice. I have called lmao Sex help line for her because she needs advice and doesnt believe me when I tell her she can catch an STD from oral. But she just wont listen and she has slept with half of the boys in our year group at school. Let alone the ones I dont know about and the other things shes done
  4. I think you should try to confront her... and if that doesn't work, do the unthinkable and talk to her parents. She could not only catch STDs but AIDS and so on. She really needs someone to talk to her about safe sex and perhaps take her into counseling. She may be acting out because of some other issues...
  5. wow. dont be afraid to confront her. ur just trying to look out for her. if she gets furious then she'll come around eventually when she becomes pregnant or something!!!!
  6. I'm not sure if she will listen to you or not but go ahead and talk to her. Be prepared for her to lash back and be defensive though. And do be prepared for the possibility that your relationship with her will never be the same again.
  7. I completely agree. I'm 17 and if one of friends started doing that, I would definbitely talk to her and if that doesn't work her parents.
  8. obviously she doesn't like what she's doing otherwise she wouldn't be defensive or a ***** about it.

    talk to her and basically call her on it she may get pissed at you for it. but a good friend tells you the truth and doesn't let you get diseases imho
  9. I think you should say something to her for her own saftey. She may not listen to you but if she is a close friend, you probably have the greatest chance of getting through to her.
  10. I think you should definitely confront her about the situation and make sure you talk in an extreamely warm and comforting tone. Don't get angry or defensive if she starts saying mean things back to you. You are a very caring friend if you are willing to sacrifice a close relationship with her to protect her from catching an STD, AIDS, etc.
  11. Definitely talk to her about it. If she doesn't care, then at least you know that you tried and you warned her. Go to her parents, too. She's only 15, and she has her whole life ahead of her. That's nice of you to be concerned for your friend.
  12. I think it is very sweet of you to care so much about your friend! I think you should really talk to her and tell her all the things that can happen! Especially if she has unprotected sex, which can lead to STD's and even HIV! I also suggest to talk to her parents and tell them everything she has done.