I'm scared now. Bonanza Transaction.

Okay I never encountered this and I need advice. I was looking at a bag on bonanza that I had authenticated here first and I made an offer on it. Well she accepted. I have never made an offer and it be accepted and was not sure how you end the auction and pay, like does she change the price and I hit BIN or what. But anyways. I asked her about that. She emailed me back that she had to call paypal because they are stating she is high rish for selling these bags and she has told them they are all authentic, etc. I am scared. This is giving me an uneasy feeling. I had her bag authenticated here and got the green light but what do I do? I am only paying with paypal. Am I stuck in this transaction b/c I made the offer then she accepted or what? HELP???


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Dec 6, 2006
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If you feel the slightest concern I would stay away. I always follow my "intuition" when buying online, I would rather take an NPB strike or whatever than be out of a lot of money.
However, in this transaction, I do think you will still be ok, since she had excellent feedback and you had it authenticated. And when you pay through paypal you always have the option to file a claim!


Oct 9, 2006
Was google checkout one of the options on bonanza? I don't know if they have any buyer protection, so I can't give an opinion on that. If you really want the bag, I would just tell her that you will wait until her PayPal account is settled since that was the understanding when you made the offer. You can also email support@bonanzle.com to let them know and ask how to cancel the transaction. They are pretty quick to reply and are usually helpful.


Jul 21, 2008
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Ask her WHY her paypal account was limited to the point that she can't use it? She said it was because she is a "high risk", but why? Paypal usually does a 21 day hold on funds for high risk transactions.
She said it was high risk because they questioned the authenticity of her bags and that she sells so many. But I have seen numerous bag authenticated here on TPF as "Authentic" from this seller. Her last message to me was that paypal was not an option at this time.


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Dec 2, 2006
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Tel her you will only pay through Paypal ,that Google is not an option for you as it offers no buyer protection, like Paypal does . I would contact Bonz so you can get your offer canceled.