I'm scared I just did something Stupid!

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  1. If you're really uncertain, report it and don't pay! Tell the seller you won't pay unless they can guarantee authenticity.
  2. Well the picture looks exactly like one I'm about to post on eBay... I got mine at the outlets in March for about $200.

    But that's IF the picture is of the bag you bought... the picture shows that it has a tag but in the Specifics section it says New WITHOUT Tags and $70 is really really low! This bag was originally in the $350 range.
  3. $70 :wtf: looks authentic on the outside I guess you will have to wait and see if it is autentic What a steal!
  4. the pic is authentic.

    hopefully what you see is what you get. if it is, that's a steal!
  5. sorry I believe it is fake. The seller says it has C's on the back. It is obvious the description and the picture don't match up (i.e. she got the pic from someplace else) because she says new "without tags" and the one in the picture has a tag.
    I would NOT pay.
    Tell her you believe it to be a counterfeit coach. Be nice about it. Ask for pictures of the real item. (both sides, inside and out)
    The C's on the bg is a dead giveaway.
  6. I own that bag, and the pic is authentic. I have to tell you that, if that's true, $70 is an amazing deal....It was $398 and we got mine at the outlet for less...

    The only question I have is that the picture has a tag and the title says it doesn't....can you ask the seller about that first?

  7. Good catch on the C's on the back... this bag definately should have the patchwork all around.

    Now can someone help me out!! After reading Bethies post I started to question my eBay Mandy purchase I made right before going to bed last night... I posted the links in the Authenticate This sticky up top.

    Please tell me I didn't get scammed for over $400!!!:sweatdrop:
  8. Good catch with the Cs on the back! Then the bag is not authentic but the picture is of an authentic bag...I just pulled mine out of the closet to check the double stitching at the bottom and the order of the patches...

    Is that note the seller's way of trying to say "I told you what it looked like" by adding the Cs description on the back?

    I'd contact the seller and see about getting it out of it....
  9. the pic is of a real purse authentic I own that one looks exactly like mine..but why does she say no tags when tags are in the pic. If thats the one your getting its real
  10. good catch, I was just looking at the pic

    sounds like a stolen pic and a fake bag

    I would call her on it and ask for pics of the exact bag. then, you can take it up with eBay for stolen pics at the very least.

    good luck!
  11. at least it does say refund given so if you have already paid then you should get your money back hopefully you haven't paid yet.
  12. I hope this works out for you. The bag is beautiful but the price makes me a little leary.
  13. Brown C's on the back is the dead "fake" give-a-way. Do not pay.
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Not open for further replies.