i'm sad...

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  1. I wrote a post before how I've been wanting another LV anything and last week I saw a josephine pm bag-cherry on let trade ( for around $400) and I decided that I was going to get it. I looove the color and the shape of the bag. I dont know why but I waited and waited, I've never bought anything from let trade before so for some reason I thought it would wait for me :P And now it's gone...:crybaby:

    Well that's okay, time to obsess about another one:smile:
  2. Awww! I'm sorry. It's okay, there will be another! This has happened to me more than once on let-trade!
  3. I was watching that bag too LOL.. oh well there will be more.. just keep watching..
    Good luck!
  4. Yup, hang in there and another will come around! Sometimes it is meant to be bc you may fall in deeper love with something else while you're waiting....not that I have any experience with this happening, mind you, I'm just saying....:shame: ;)
  5. aww.. HUGS. Always sucks to be disappointed like that - but just keep watching.

    Let-trade has had quite a few cherry Josephine PMs for sale this year! I'm sure they'll get another one soon.
  6. That happens sometimes, I always think it wasn´t meant to be yet :biggrin:
  7. There will be another one in time for you! Don't worry, maybe the bag of your dreams will pop up for you:flowers:
  8. i have been contemplating the josephine too!!! the one on let-trade was a bit too beat up for me (but still a GREAT price!) and i know i just have to keep watching. i hope maybe they will sell a navy one! that would be great.
  9. Don't worry, I'm sure another one will pop up shortly! :yes:
  10. Gah I was wanting that bag too! We are in the same boat :sad:
  11. Another one will come up soon. I think some people wait months to get a bag in the right price and the right condition for them. Don't despair.:flowers:
  12. You'll see one soon! They're popping up here and there every now and then.
  13. There's always another that will come along...don't be too sad!
  14. Send them an e-mail and they will let you know when they get another in!
  15. Cheer up, that bag just wasn't meant to be and I'm sure you will find another bag to go ga ga over! I do it all the time. I was dying for a soufflot in black with gold hardware and found one on ebay. I made a bid then got outbid by $5 at the last minute because I got so busy taking care of my kids I lost track of time!!!! Anyway, I am now drooling over a black epi speedy 25 with gold hardware :smile: