I'm sad....

  1. I just noticed 2 blue ink marks on my vernis key and change holder. :crybaby:

    It was my very first piece of LV years ago (I :heart: it) and it has withstood the test of time....until now!! Is there ANYTHING I can do to make these marks go away?? Or even less noticeable?

    Unfortunately the vernis is the marshmallow color (very pale pink) so it REALLY stands out.....I can't even replace it because the color has been long since discontinued...:sad: HELP.....
  2. Sorry about your vernis cles..I know the feeling..
    Did you try eraser?
  3. Have you used the magic eraser?
  4. How about alcohol on a qtip and gently rub it?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions!! I am willing to try almost anything. I've heard a lot about magic eraser (from this forum) so I am going to try that first. If not....desperate times......
  6. i hope you can find a solution for this matter. I have the same problem, and magic eraser did not take away any ink marks on the shiny vernis leather, I'm not sure if it would work on the lining or not. Good luck and let us know if something works!
  7. i once got ink off with a random make-up brush cleaner. i remember what the bottle looked like but not the brand name. it was a small glass bottle with a red/black label with a brush and it had a really strong vanilla scent. it must've been alcohol based so i imagine that's your best bet, i wouldn't do nail polish remover for obvious reasons!
  8. I found this online:

    Using the hair spray remedy to get rid of ink stains -- which I popularized -- is a neat trick, but the ingredient that actually gets rid of the stain is alcohol (which is found in hair spray).

    For washable fabrics, get rid of a small ink stain by soaking the item in warm water with a tablespoon of Tide (per quart of water) for 24 hours. Then launder as usual, adding bleach if the fabric is bleachable.

    If the spot is larger than a dime, first soak it in wood (methyl) alcohol for l5-30 minutes (except for rayon, acetate or Celanese; dry clean these), then launder.

    For plastic, leather and vinyl, treat the soiled area with a soft cloth soaked in wood alcohol.

    Rubbing alcohol often does the job on hard surfaces.

    Hope this helps! Sorry about your mishap!