I'm Sad

  1. My son took My Pop haut and sat it on top of a Black Box. Well I just noticed that one of the corners of it is almost completley Black!! I can't get it out with magic eraser at all!! My bag is ruined! I don't even want to look at it right now.:sad: I put it in it's dust bag in the closet , it just looks awful because it's not very old and the patina is still very light. What the heck am I gonna do with this Can LV fix them or clean them and how much is it? I'm gonna have to have it repaired or it's gonna be worthless:cry:
  2. Oh no! I really have no idea what to tell you to do...I am sure that one of the experts here will have some advice, I am so sorry!
  3. i'm so sorry that happened! take it into the store and see what they can do for you! :flowers:
  4. WOW what kind of black box was it? I would take it to LV and see what they suggest, you may need to replace that strip of piping on that side.
  5. Yeah, take it to the LV store, perhaps they can do something.......My daughter turned 2 yesterday, I really have to watch my nice things around her. Before she turned one, she has already broken my Tiffany necklace, I have yet to bring it back for repair. The good part is, it means our kids are imaginative, always looking for creative ways to expend energy, ha ha !
  6. My son is 4 and we were getting ready to leave the house I think he just picked it up to set it there. He generally know better than to mess with my bags but it was just a Shiny black box with tail lamps in it. I'm going to take it in. hopefully they can replace that side and it wont cost as much as the bag.
  7. Please let us know what LV says.
  8. I am sorry to hear about your bag, please keep us update..[​IMG]
  9. I'm sorry to hear about the bag. I'm sure LV can fix it.
  10. I'm sooo sorry sweetie. I'm sure LV can do something for it!!!!!
  11. Sorry to hear that.:sad: Do keep us posted!
  12. Sorry to hear that...
  13. I'm gonna try and go Monday. I'll let everyone know what they say.