i'm sad ... was my blue nuit worth it ?!?

  1. dear ladies -

    yes it is me again, i know i should be rejoicing with my new purchase of the blue nuit classic paddie bag, especially with u guys cheering me on with a great choice and all, but im feeling a little bit "blue" because when i told some friends how much i purchased it (USD 1585.00 from Saks) they all said it was not worth it for the color, style, and that i should have used the same money to buy a chanel or LV ... is it true that i made a wrong decision for choosing a blue nuit paddie instead rather than the usual choices of ladies here which are solid colors of chanel or LV (black, white, brown ... )?

    i also noticed that my blue nuit paddie had some very minor scratches already (like light blue) on the blue nuit leather .. is that normal ? i dont know if it was because of the shipment and the padlock might have scratched the leather due to the handling of the bag inside the box but it was in the chloe bag anyways .... so my question is whether i should be careful with the leather together with the padlock or that these minor discolorations are just normal / inherent in the way the leather is really ?

    i really need some cheering up because i really like the style and color although i know it was pricey ... but it is my first valuable purchase and i guess im just not used to it or something .... :shrugs: i can also say it is because we dont have chloe stores here so they might not know what chloe is from the beginning .... :push:
  2. oh Orange. OK, honesty time! 1585 dollars IS alot to spend on a paddy, lots of Chloe boutiques do now reduce paddington bags at the end of each season (the blue nuit is actually an early 06 bag), BUT, its a very very rare colour, and I have never seen a nuit go on sale, so that is why the price was still at or v close to full retail.

    It is alot of money to spend on a bag, of course, but your friends saying that you should have spent the money on Chanel or Vuitton or whatever, is like saying you shouldnt date this guy, or that guy, because everybody has a favourite bag, you cannot all like and buy the same designer in the same way that you would not all wear the same clothes!

    I know what they are trying to say, that a Chanel or a LV may hold their money more, and that you might make more back, but that is no good if you are not going to enjoy carrying them in the first place :p

    With the slight scratching, its completely normal, especially in a darker coloured Chloe, I know when I got my nuit, it had tiny patches of white on it, its completely normal for the processes it goes through, and just shows up to you abit more as the colour is dark, but it is normal :yes:

    The only question you should ask yourself is, are YOU happy with your bag, and do YOU think it was worth this amount of money.
  3. OMG! The blue nuit is a classic.:heart: (I think the blue nuit is from '05, not '06...at least mine is.) :smile: The other blue that they came out with in '06 is the metallic blue nuit with the black lock, which is a dark navy metallic. (I have this also) AND they came out with a navy blue with a silver lock, (which is from fall of '06) that I just bought from the nicest PF girl around:smile: :yes: Then there is the royal blue (brass hardware) that is out now from spring '07, which is stunning. (Couldn't resist THAT one either!) :nuts: I think you bought a wonderful handbag that is more rare and sought after than those others that you mentioned. IMHO the Chloe tops them all:smile: I don't care about it as an investment; it's like your house...you buy it to LIVE in, not for what you can sell it for in 10 or 20 years! I think you should keep it, wear it, and enjoy it and don't worry about what those fashion fools have to say...they're jealous and can't think "out of the box" anyway! :wlae: Oh, almost forgot the gorgeous light blue, "jeans moyen"...one of my very favorites... and also an '06. I wear that a lot in the summer!!
  4. beanie..... have you done a showcase of your bags? And if not, why not? :graucho:
    I'm dying to see them all! :drool:
  5. i got mine early 06 marchtime and the store had only just received it in, but you could have got yours late 05, (the tag would prob tell us for sure :smile:) But I completely agree with Beanie, who wants to be a LV sheep following the herd!!! and its never a great idea to buy a bag as an investment.

    I really hope you have fallen in love with her and that you use her with pride
  6. oh i'm sorry you're having doubts after what your "friends" said...i think it's natural to feel unsure about such an expensive purchase after the initial excitement but it sounds like you truly love the color, style, etc and that's all that really matters! it's a stunning bag and i'm sure you look fabulous together! :heart: (maybe they're just jealous)? :whistle:
  7. Oh... this sort of thing happens to us all :sad:

    For me, I am willing to spend more on something I really really love, whether or not it is wise. Even if my friends don't like it I wouldn't care if I overpaid because it is something I like. It really depends on how you view your bags. Is it an investment? Or simply an indulgence? For me it is the latter, and when I remember how I first fell in love with my bags, I have no regrets
  8. ^ then again my friends and acquaintances have always called me wasteful :push:

    um, I don't care! Life is short :devil: :happydance:
  9. ohh I think if you like it, then that's all that matters!! But having said that, I'm not sure if my side pocket Muscade paddy is worth it either... :nuts:
  10. Who cares about what they say? As long as you like it, then is worth it.
    BTW, I love blue nuit... is a very pretty colour! CONGRATS!!!
  11. I think it is definitely worth it!!! Great leather lasts years and years! You will be using it forever!

    As for LVs and Chanels, unles you are buying the 2000+ Suhali line I find LVs pretty boring. You're basically spending a lot of money on canvas and a logo. Chanel has very nice leather bags, but they are also 2000+. You actually saved money over a Chanel bag!
  12. "One of these days..." (I don't have a digital camera and wouldn't know the first thing about it if I did! :rolleyes: ) DH is the photographer in the family, and as I've said before, if he saw the Chloe closet, he'd know just how NUTS I am! :nuts: I'm not sure if I even want to see pics of my own insanity...in a way, it would make me confront the neurosis!!! ;) I don't know if I'm ready to "come out of the closet just yet!" LOL I guess when the door won't open, that will be it! :wtf:
  13. If you love the bag, then it isn't bad at all. You have essentially paid retail for a color and leather that are nicer than many of the current bags. "Friendly" remarks like the ones you got often have a little bit of jealousy embedded. You made a big, purposeful purchase, so enjoy it and don't second guess yourself based on other people. I'm not of the school that thinks a bag is an investment, in the sense you must worry about resale value the whole time you are trying to wear and enjoy it. So go forth and rock that Paddy. :heart: :yes:
  14. I think it's really cool that you have such a unique color. It will be your signature piece! What's cooler than a gal who's confident enough to wear her blue nuit bag with just about anything, whether it "matches" or not, just because it's a gorgeous bag? Nothing is cooler than that!:supacool:

    I personally don't like LV bags, but I would never ever tell someone she should get a chloe instead, because it's such a personal thing.

    If you love your bag, wear it with pride. I happen to think it's one of the prettiest bags out there. (In fact, I have a blue nuit on its way to me as well and I cannot wait to get it!)
  15. Agree with all of the above, particularly with the notion that a bag is not an investment, to me it is just a way to blend luxury with necessity . . . we have to haul stuff around with us, and having something beautiful adds to my day. :yahoo: Especially with the ever-shortening fashion cycles, no bag is a sure thing for resale, and other than selling it the only true worth is your enjoyment of it! So as long as YOU love the style, color, leather, etc. it was a great choice!! (And, I do have some Chanel, but for me I haven't yet fallen for a "classic" bag, I actually like some of the more modern styles (cloudy bundle) where the CC is a little more subdued . . . so arguably I could have spent that money "better" on a timeless style, but -- we love what we love, and that's what keeps it interesting. Go take your bleu nuit for a spin, it will raise your spirits!! :yes: (I love mine!)