I'm sad to say...

  1. I was underwhelmed with the new stuff I saw at the store today (heck I was more excited to see the pic of the skull charm here today!).

    I didn't like any of the new Sig Stripe stuff. Loved the punch stripe, HATED the patent trim. UGH. It just looks so shiny and fake to me.

    I did see the Ergo bag So Femme has in leather at Macy's...it had the legacy lining. Sorta liked it.

    I thought this was cute, new color: Khaki/Pear


    But the bag is sooo teeny tiny (there is a zipper pocket on the back side). Oh and this comes in Khaki/White now too.

    Also saw this:


    Didn't see the Carly Demi, or else it might have come home with me.


    So a ho-hum day (and my two SAs were not there.) I'm still holding out to see the rest of the Ergo line And for what the summer months will hold for us.
    It intrigued me, the white leather is edged in light blue!

    Didn't see this Carly Demi, or else I might have come home with something.
  2. [​IMG]

    I love this, but it just seems pricey.
  3. ^^ I want to see that demi on someone's shoulder or arm before I order it. I think it's cute but may be too small. The pear is pretty too. I hope they put that on a larger bag.
  4. I agree with you, I wasn't really that thrilled. I got excited about the punch for a while there but I really didn't like the patent trim either. I liked last season's signature stripe collection that just had the brown leather trim. Sigh
  5. I like the pear also but wish it was a little bigger. So far there is not any must have items for me. I just keep waiting and getting little things here and there.
  6. I wasn't really thrilled either. I like a couple of things but nothing that i have to run out and buy yet. The Pear color is very cute, if it came in other styles.
  7. Maybe I'm being greedy but since it seems like everything in the current catalog is out, when would we get a new catalog?
  8. I really like the demi, the less I like the less trouble I will have in picking out a new bag...now I have to decide on leather or signature carly demi.
  9. yea, im not so impressed either.
  10. i also was kind of disapointed.......i did pick up the punch stripe wristlet, just because the color is so great.....the only other bag i liked was the stripe demi in the punch.......although it is small it is nice in the pink..
    was hoping i would love the stripe tote...but didn't care for it all that much
    not loving the patent handles......it just doesn't loook right......not a good match with the fabric of the stripe.
  11. another one here, I was more interested in the key chains, I was all set to get a pond wristlet and a skinny and then some.. but walked around empty handed.
  12. i got two old things today!

    the black cashmere scarves...one for me and my twin. love it.

    i had that in teal and brown but i can't find em'. grRRr...i wish they made more colors to compliment my complexion! i would've gotten the blue and the bone but i didn't have enough allotments..gRrrr...

    i can't wait for the ergo bags...the white hobo is sooo mine!
  13. Exactly! I think that is why I wasn't feeling it.

    I did like the light blue though. Weird.
  14. I saw that second hobo with the blue glazing at a Coach store in my area today. I really love it, but I would have preferred it without the signature fabric or maybe in the light blue fabric at least. Maybe it will go to the outlets. I would be willing to buy it there.