I'm sad... please HELP!

  1. I was cleaning my RL canvas bag last night, and I guess I rubbed too hard at one point, now a part of the canvas has this water spot (exactly like a dried-out spot on a piece of paper.) It also does not have the shine that the rest of canvas has. :cry: It also looks a little bit discolored. What to do to at least minimize it? I just bought this bag too... :sad: :sad:
  2. I am so sorry! Maybe you can take it back to the store, and they will either try to fix it, or possibly exchange it for you (as a defect bag)?
  3. Thanks Jag... but I feel bad to just take it in for an exchange, because afterall, I was the one that caused it... :shame: :cry: Any ways I can fix it myself with some cleaner or something? I'll buy/do anything in my power to make it better... :cry:
  4. You can always call the store and find out what they suggest. Just be honest and tell them what happened. Maybe they have a repair person they send their things out to that can work some magic on the bag! ANd keep us posted! I really hope it all works out!!!!
  5. This is exactly what I got, so you PF pals will know what kind of canvas I'm talking about. Doesn't it look perfect in the pic? :cry: *getting teary*
  6. It's gorgeous! I am sure the store will be able to help you!
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