I'm sad....nothing Coach is exciting me lately.

  1. Has anyone else ever felt like this? I stopped into the boutique yesterday and just felt like meh. There's just nothing that I'm even saving for. I'm not an Ergo girl though I sort of like the Pond patent-but not really enough to buy it. I :heart: the Pool and Grass colors but am not keen on duffles. I like the signature stripe and the Bleeker flaps a bit but they just don't give me that "wow, I need that now or I will die" feeling which I've gotten with the rest of the bags that I own. I still do want a Carly but frankly, I find the color selection that's out right now to be boring. And I've never been into the Hampton's line. The canvas Heritage line? Not for me. I also like the Raisin legacy color but practially everything I own is Legacy so I want to veer out a bit. Not even the scarves were speaking to me yesterday :girlsigh: Bleh-am I ill?

    I feel like I'm stuck shopping on eBay right now because I like older bags better than what's out now. Am I just being too picky? :shrugs: Am I alone? Has anyone else ever gone through a period like this and then had something come out that just wowed them?
  2. I agree, there's a lot of stuff that I like, but not ENOUGH to actually buy it. EXCEPT the Carly... but that's it.

    I agree that the Heritage, while cute, is not for me.. I hate the fabric handles! Legacy is a bit too "old" for me [I'm only 15]... and while I like the Ergos, don't really like how the handle is fabric/leather.

    Maybe I'm just picky... :biggrin: But I do agree, there's nothing that WOWS me right now...
  3. When I'm in a funk like that with a designer, I stock up on accessories until they come out with a bag that excites me. Coach has such cute accessories, maybe that could keep your interest until you see something you love.
  4. Maybe you need a trip to the outlet. I like the Bleeker line ok but not enough to buy except i did see the signature flap with the leather flap IRL the other day and it was really nice. I wouldn't buy something just to buy. maybe they have a Carly or something else in the color you want at the outlets
  5. I'm also not completely "WOWed" right now. I keep waiting to see more spring stuff. I've been carrying the same bag everyday since November...I'm itching for something new!:graucho: I've also been browsing eBay for older bags. I just bought a Soho hobo in red on eBay last night but that will be an "occasional" bag not my everyday. I also bought a slim flap for Spring but I'm not liking it anymore so it will go back.....ho hum......
  6. yeah I feel like this now too--why is why im perusing ebay like crazy right now :smile:
  7. I am kind of the same way but I am glad because I don't have the money to buy anything else right now! :roflmfao:
  8. You are not alone in your feelings, I get this way too. :tdown:

    On the bright side, it's a great time to save money! I am certain something wonderful that you will fall in love with is bound to show up very soon.
    I agree withRealDeal's idea about stocking up on accessories, they could keep you going until that special purse makes it's grand entrance!

    Hang in there! :flowers:
  9. i know what you mean. sometimes the current bags just don't do it. but to look on the bright side, you know that coach will eventually come out with something you LOVE (and "NEED IMMEDIATELY"). You can start saving up now so that when you finally see The One, you can grab it guilt free.
  10. I am feeling the same way as you.

    I am getting a new bag in about three weeks and when I went to the boutique I fell in love with the brown chelsea optic sig. satchel. but I am so scared it is going to get deleted soon!!! I also saw the chocolate sig. studed gallery tote at bloomys and fell in love with that but there are prob out by now... grr... so ya I like the old stuff for now!

    On another note I am buying accesories like crazy at the outlet~

    This weekend I got the madison black lurex mini skinny for $23!!
  11. i think it goes in waves, next thing you know there will be 15 things you want :smile:
  12. on that note, i also think this is a sign that coach is doing something wrong....
  13. I feel the same way. Nothing is catching my eye right now. I plan to hit outlets in CA in March and hope I will find some treasures.
  14. I feel exactly the same way. Aside from my Bleeker Duffles (bottle green, magenta and canary) nothing is grabbing me right now. I returned my Heritage Stripe tote as it was just not me. I don't care for anything Legacy except for my Clay Gigi which I got last year. I think that Coach is in a design downturn:nogood: right now. Fortunately for me I am not concerned as I have purchased so much in the last year I really have enough to weather the dry spell even if it lasts several years.
  15. I have been feeling the same way. I like the new patch work coming out, but not enough to get one. I wouldn't mind having a Leigh in Juniper or whiskey. I also like the ergo hobo in the new white color for summer. But yeah I agree, I think I'll sit back and wait a little while before my next purchase...which will be good for my check book anyway!