I'm Sad - No Spiaggia Zucca for me (yet)

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  1. For the First Time Ever I was willing to pay over retail for a toki bag..... there was a Spiaggia Zucca on eBay with a 9 day listing. I had decided I was willing to go over retail because it was really the perfect print placement. I had not placed the bid yet because I didn't want to drive the price even higher. Three days into the listing the seller pulled it.

  2. Hey, it's early in the spiaggia game! You'll find one...and not for over retail!
  3. i totally agree with frogbubbles! hold tight, you'll end up getting a better price. in the end it will all work out. i'm waiting because i'm still unsure what style i want!
  4. Aww Dreams of Toki!! It was me!!! I'm sorry!!! I knew you like my Zucca, but I didn't think you were serious! I pulled it because someone offered me 250 for it, I'm waiting for his payment right now(stupid mistake, pulling the item before getting paid, I know now) but if he doesn't pay, if you're still interested i'll come straight to you? Gosh i'm sorry! Hahahaha I'd rather the bag to to a true eBay lover!
  5. a true eBay lover??

    Sorry, i'm a mess. Let's call it the classis pregnancy absentmindedness!

    I meant to say a true toki lover!
  6. Well....see now...that may have worked out? Maybe next time if you see something you love and its up for auction you can make an offer to the seller before it ends. I did that yesterday with a denaro that I was really in love with and she took my offer. I didn't have to wait another 36 hours, hang around the computer while my family hovered and then lose to a sniper!!!!! Anyway, I made the mistake of paying her directly through paypal and not ebay....so I have no recourse if I have an issue...that was my biggest impulsive mistake.:wtf: Hopefully I'll get it soon and there won't be a problem. I haven't heard from her since I sent the $$ so....I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You'll get that zucca you want ....there will be another if its not from our pf friend!:yes:
  7. It is pretty risky. I was hesitant but was also eager to get it off my hands since my cc now shows I have bought two at 184!!! ... so I gave in to temptation, like always!
  8. I wonder why the person pulled it off though? Thats kinda sketchy. How come you didn't just buy a bag from Pulse if you were willing to pay full price? Then you could have asked Casey for print placement & get pics to make sure?
  9. I KNEW that bag looked familiar!! It's too bad that they don't allow any "negotiating" on this site. I was afraid to say anything or PM cause it even specifies no selling thru PM (Do they watch those messages too?) I should have just sent you my email address via PM and told you to contact me about "something" :smile:

    Wow! $250? I'm not sure I could go that high!! Given the profit you will make I hope the buyer does come thru for you!! They gotta be another true toki lover to pay that much!

    I didn't know you could contact sellers and ask them to sell early? Is that not considered an off-eBay transaction? I"d be nervous to do that with someone I had not bought from before. Or can the transaction be completed thru eBay somehow?
  10. I've done private listings on eBay which still leaves feedback and everything. You could try doing one of those and just piling the price into the shipping? :shrugs: usually we don't even do that and take direct paypal payments. but yeah if you REALLY want something you could always ask the seller if they'd consider a BIN price and sellers might end it for you. There are some that won't tho but it doesn't hurt to ask :biggrin:
  11. mamaxjam, so you were the seller? lol...ok now if it's apurse forum person then yeah i'd trust them lolz...but a random person? hmm nah.
  12. well...I did. Don't think I'll be doing that again! I'm still hoping for the best. I think usually the seller can post it as a BIN right away and then you purchase. I didn't do that ....but I should have done it that way because we would have both gotten feedback and had some kind of recourse!
  13. the only thing for me is that I like saving fees :yahoo: you can also choose to end the item and sell it to the current winner then tack on the additional fees :shrugs:
  14. It's gone:crybaby:
    I really hope you find your perfect Spiaggia Zucca, DreamsofToki. Believe me, if I had known you wanted it that much I would have offered it to you for the price I had paid.
    Next time, if I get a bag i'm not thrilled with i'm coming here and seeing who wants dibs!
  15. tehlilone...good point..I'm learning so much about ebay from you girls! I did get a good print placement for a good price....and she did reply and said she shipped it yesterday...so as soon as I get it I'll post pics. I love it and am very excited about it coming! But I don't know how often I'll do that without it being through ebay. Mainly because just the day before she got her first negative rating! That's the only reason I panicked a bit.