I'm sad, my speedy is on vacation!

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
My beloved MC Speedy will be gone for the next 4-6 weeks being repaired! :crybaby:

She had some loose rivets (is that what they're called?? The things holding corner metal on...) and also a hole in the front pocket where it had separated at the bottom (from overstuffing it appears)! Those repairs will be free, but I'm also having the pocket clasp repaired which will be $100. It looks like it got stuck closed once before and had to be pried open. Previous owner apparently didn't treat the pocket well.

I will miss her, however my DH bought me a brand spankin' new mono speedy for me to carry while she's away. The handles are so white and new! :love:
I know how you feel. When my speedy was repairing I was just lost without it. Ended up buying another (the 30) to tide me over. When the 25 got back, I still loved the 30 so much I gave the 25 to my daughter. Mine took about 3 months. Don't worry - your bag will be SO great when you get it back. Nice hubby!