I'm sad, my speedy is on vacation!

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  1. My beloved MC Speedy will be gone for the next 4-6 weeks being repaired! :crybaby:

    She had some loose rivets (is that what they're called?? The things holding corner metal on...) and also a hole in the front pocket where it had separated at the bottom (from overstuffing it appears)! Those repairs will be free, but I'm also having the pocket clasp repaired which will be $100. It looks like it got stuck closed once before and had to be pried open. Previous owner apparently didn't treat the pocket well.

    I will miss her, however my DH bought me a brand spankin' new mono speedy for me to carry while she's away. The handles are so white and new! :love:
  2. thats a nice trade off while your mc is off getting repaired. Congrat's on the new speedy
  3. hah yay for the new speedy, perhaps that will take your mind off your MC for a while?
  4. Yay for the new speedy! Don't worry, your bag is in safe hands. I know the feeling of repairs...not fun, but worth the wait!
  5. I'm sorry about your MC Speedy.

    But congrats on your new mono speedy! What size did you get?
  6. I got the 25 :yahoo:
  7. hope ur MC comes back soon.....enjoy ur other babies while awaiting her return :smile:
  8. I know how you feel. When my speedy was repairing I was just lost without it. Ended up buying another (the 30) to tide me over. When the 25 got back, I still loved the 30 so much I gave the 25 to my daughter. Mine took about 3 months. Don't worry - your bag will be SO great when you get it back. Nice hubby!
  9. Awwwh that's so nice of your DH! I'm sure your MC will come back even more awesome :biggrin:
  10. That size is growing on me! :yes:
  11. What a nice thing for hubby to do for you while you wait on your other bag. With regard to the other bag just wait until it comes back all fixed up... The wait will definitely pay off.
  12. Hey, what a great excuse to get a new bag! HEE HEE Love it!

    You bag will be back before you know it!

  13. True..:yes: :yes:
    Congrats on your mono by the way..
  14. Hahaha. It's like when your car gets serviced and the dealership gives you a loaner but, in this case you get to keep it even after the service is finished.

    Congrats! : )
  15. That's what I was thinking...congrats on your new speedy.