I'm running a half-marathon Sunday, and I'm really nervous! Advice?

  1. I am running in my first ever half marathon this Sunday morning, and I am so nervous! I've never run in a road race before! Does anyone have any advice or information to share about what to expect on race day, what to do (and not do) the day before, etc.

    Any advice or words of encouragement are appreciated!

  2. I take it you are a regular runner? I hope so. What is your regular long distance?

    Don't run anymore this week. You need to let your body rest 'cause 13 miles is a long way and is hard on your body.
  3. I've been training for about 6 months. I typically run 3-4 miles 2 or 3 days during the week, and I do a long run on the weekend. The longest distance I've run is 12 miles.

    I did my last run before the race this morning. I have a book on training, and it has helped. I know I've prepared for the race, I'm just nervous about it.
  4. Don't get caught up in the excitement and run at a higher pace than your normal. When I ran mine, I was psyched and the crowd was huge and I wanted to keep towards the front. Well, I kind of outpaced myself, but it wasn't that bad. I still finished in the top 10%, so for my first race, I think that was ok.
    Um....eat carbs now. You want to build up your reserves and only eating carbs the night before the race won't do it. Drink plenty of water the night before the race. Eat something light when you wake up...oatmeal and a banana maybe 2 hours prior to actually running.
  5. ^Thanks, Charles! Great advice!
  6. good luck! i did one a year and a half ago... i would say definitely get plenty of rest this week and make sure that when you run, you're doing it for yourself and not competing with those around you. run at the pace that feels comfortable for your body.

    most of all, take care of yourself this week! be proud of yourself!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Don't wear anything new...especially shoes-that includes socks even.

    Don't eat anything that you haven't been training with the morning of or the night before.

    You will probably have aide stations every mile with water and then some sort of electrolyte drink. So slow down and grab some when you feel the need !

    I always take the day completely off before a race. So rest up on Saturday & get to bed early. I also lay out eveything I need the night before so you are not scrambling in the morning. Make a checklist if you need to, or maybe there is one in the book you said you were following ?

    As Charles wrote, don't go out too fast. You should have mile markers at each mile. I'm guessing you have a watch. Keep an eye on how fast you are going. You definitely can get caught up in the excitement and then fade out if you don't watch your pace.

    Most important...HAVE FUN !!! The crowds are always AWESOME !!!!!! You may want to find a shirt that has your name on it (remember nothing new though- see if you already have one) or write your name on your arms so they can cheer for you by name:yes:
  8. Yes...the crowds are such a motivator...as are the participants. I had a couple of people come up behind me, pat me on the back and say "You're doing great..keep it up!".
  9. It sounds like you are ready! Are you running chip time or just for fun?

    I like to run and am running the Capital 10k in Austin TX at the end of the month and the Texas Round Up 10K in April. I've never run a 1/2 marathon before but plan to run one this fall. My goal is to run a full marathon this next (2008) spring!

    Good luck and come back here post how you did!
  10. Thanks for all the advice and words of encouragement! I don't really have a specific time goal - I just want to finish still standing - LOL! I am running on the PanCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network) team. My dad died of pancreatic cancer in Jan 2006, so I am running in his memory. That is my primary motivation.
  11. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! i am running my first half-marathon on May 6th....i am very excitied for it as well!

    get plenty of rest and carb up

    keep us posted on how it went!!
  12. for a half marathon, one of the biggest mistakes people make is carb loading like they are running a full marathon. i would def. eat more carbs, but limit it to an extra serving per meal. if you do pasta load the night before, stick with a red sauce (nothing creamy or oily). if it might be cold the morning of, wear a long sleeve shirt that you can take off after a few miles and throw away. alternate gatorade and water as you stop at stations....but make sure that you tolerate gatorade/powerade before then (it bugs a lot of people's stomachs). also would not recommend Gu/Gel for a half - not necessary and many people have stomach upset taking those, too.

    breakfast - oatmeal and banana is one i like, too. another one i often do is a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana slices sandwiched btw.

    do a two mile run today or tomorrow to stay loose...if you don't do anything now until then you will be super tight. if you REALLY don't want to run anymore, go do the elliptical or cross train some other way.

    body glide is your friend....put it between your toes and on your feet and it will seriously limit the blisters. put it anywhere else that rubs (sports bra, thighs, u name it....it works).

    show up early....it will give you time to go to the bathroom again (lines are usually long) and get situated.

    have a fab time and reminder how much a$$ you kick just for showing up and doing it!
  13. Thanks for the words of wisdom!
  14. ooooh half marathons are my fave, I have run four so far in this life. It's a manageable distance, it won't kill you. Just relax from the start. The first few miles, you'll see a lot of people trotting by as if they just had coffee. don't get sucked into their trip. wait till mile seven or eight to even BEGIN to tap into all that energy that you have saved up by NOT having a "fast start". Mile ten should see you starting to pass some of those fast starters.

    Just stay relaxed and have good music on your Ipod. and don't overdo the water -- sip, swallow a little -- and you will travel light. GOOD LUCK!!!
  15. Everyone here has great advice! Good luck doing this! It is a great feeling once you have completed the race!!! Let us know how it goes!