I'm redecorating...

  1. The pillow makes me cry in my heart...
  2. *DEAD*
  3. And the chair...well, it might be kind of fun in my eclectic apartment, but it's...hideous. Kind of fun/hideous. But the pillow? Do you hear the Baby Jesus weeping? DO YOU?
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. OMLord :wtf:
  6. I swear I saw that chair in Canal St... LOL
  7. I have the original damier paintings in my garage from back in the day. They used to be in the store and my cousin worked at the lv store at the time.
  8. Oh my...
  9. Does that mean you guys won't be coming over?
  10. oh no.. please.. nooooo.. lol I actually quite like that chair for more of an olden looking house, its quite cute! hehe:shame:
  11. Il come!, you suppy the tea,and I will bring the crumpets!:wlae:
  12. not feeling it....I prefer LV on bags...don't care for it on cars or furniture.
  13. Yikes!
  14. i like LV on bags only too.! lol