I'm Red all Over!!!

  1. This is what I've been able to do so far ... mind you, I don't have air conditioning in the front of my house (where the computer is), so I took these pictures as quickly as I could (I was sweating my :censor: off!!!).

    I'll try to get better pictures in the light so that you can see the difference between the 2005 Fall Rouge Theatre and the 2006 Fall Rouge Vif.

    I've also included picture of just my new :love: Rouge Vif :love: baby !!

    Rouge Theatre vs Rouge Vif - 1wtmk.jpg 2006 Fall - Rouge Vifwtmk.jpg
  2. ... here's my 30% off Cognag Weekender from Joan Shepp in Philadelphia ...
    2006 Spring - Cognac Weekenderwtmk.jpg
  3. ... and my new Rouille Work (had to search high & low for this one ... the leather on this one met my *high* :lol: standards!!).
    2006 Spring - Rouille Work - BESTwtmk.jpg
  4. AHHH CEEJAY! They are GORGEOUS! The Rouge VIF is seriously growing on me- it is just beautiful! And I love the weekender too! Great buys! Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Edit: AND A ROUILLE WORK! Girl you are killing me! This thread is making my head spin! LOVE THEM!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!! You must be on cloud 9!!! Did you just get all 3 of them???
  6. ... and you thought I was done ... c'mon ... I've been a busy B-Bag gal (and my pocketbook :shocked: :Push: is going to show the results of that!). Uggh :sick: :sick: :sick: !!!

    My Ink Shopping (I use this EVERY day to carry all my work files and other assorted 'junk'!); my Cornflower Blue Courier (had this one for a little while - GREAT for my travels); and my cute White Ghost (I store all my pens/pencils/markers and other odds & ends!!).

    2006 Pre-Spring - Ink - Shopping - bestwtmk.jpg Cornflower Blue Courier - 4wtmk.jpg White Ghost - BESTwtmk.jpg
  7. You are just too much! Seriously, what else do you have stashed away there! OMG! I am coming to raid your wardrobe!
  8. OMG, CeeJay, congrats, you've been one busy beeeeeeeeeee :lol:
  9. Thank you for your pictures! It seems that you really appreciate all of the syles & colors :smile:

    I would really love to clearly look at the difference between the 05 & 06 rouges. I have the 05.....not sure if I want both......decisions, decisions!


    J :smile:

    PS--LOVE that courier!
  10. Loving your new acquisitions! Congrats!
  11. Funny that you ask ... I just "counted" up my total # of B-Bags yesterday (after my last purchase - the 2006 Fall Grenat - pics yet to come) ... and AGHAST ... I'm up to 30 pieces {also includes 'accessories' - e.g., Compagnon Wallet, Shoulder, Planet/Boobies, etc.}. I seriously have to stop!!!! I'm going to be a busy eBay gal selling off a bunch of stuff (not B-Bags) to pay for my habit!
  12. I think its time for a family photo! Seriously 30 pieces! HOLY SHI*
  13. and my cute White Ghost (I store all my pens/pencils/markers and other odds & ends!!).


    Is the Ghost still available in stores? I love it

  14. Congrats! Those are some awesome bags!
  15. I agree with Jag. We all need to drool over your collection!!!