I'm really worried this is fake

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Dec 26, 2006

I'm new here and for a while now my dior bag has been bothering me and im way too embarrased to take it to a boutique in case it is fake.

Basically I made the mistake of getting it from Ebay and it was at a much lower price but it was really used which obviously wasnt mentioned in great deal in the description. It was said as being second hand with a few scratches but the handles are falling apart and the white is yellowing.

Anyway, I was thinking of getting it cleaned or something to sort out the white colour but I only want to do it if it is worth it, ie- its definitley real.

I really hate fakes and I've had my suspicions for a while, it was my first designer purchase so I didn't really understand how many fakes are out there.

It did not come with a dustbag or any tags except a serial number and some care instructions in an envelope.

What really made me question it is that the handles are kind of plasticy and there is no hologram that I have seen (bearing in mind it did not come with any tags) its just other designer clothes ive got have all got holograms but I don't know about dior cos this is the only dior thing I have.





Hi Mina211,

firstly, welcome to the board! :welcome:

secondly, with regards to the authenticity of your bag, from the pictures you've included, the only thing that is throwing me off is the zipper pull on the bag. as far as i know from the pictures of the bags from that range (with reference to both sabine's boutique and rakuten.co.jp), it should be a plain white vinyl-esque zipper pull (of the same material as the trimming/handles) rather than the metal "CD" zip pull on your bag. that's the one thing that bothers me most.

that's the one thing that is making me think fake. (other than the fact there's not even a dust bag, cards, etc) could you perhaps take a clear close up of the interior tag (both front and back of the tag), the "dior" on the front of the bag (near where the snag closure is) .

i'll admit that i'm not good with these line of malice/girly range though, so maybe another PFer could help you out with their take on it.

additionally, perhaps you might want to compare your bag to the pictures on sabine's boutique:
Dior Handbags Pink Rabat Girly Boston Bag LPK44322 (the same bag)
Dior Handbags Large Pink Rabat Girly Boston Bag LPK44323 (same range)

i hope that helps! ;)
oops i forgot a little reminder:
it might be easier for future authentication questions to be posted in the "authenticate this" thread at the top of the subforum. just a little note. ;)
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