I'm really upset....got my first speeding ticket today

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I know that this might sound stupid to some of you, but I'm really upset. I got pulled over for speeding today -- the first time I've gotten a ticket or pulled over for anything EVER.

    I was so nervous that I accidentally gave the police officer my insurance card instead of my registration information. I'm really stressed out about it. I was going 41 in what I thought was a 35-limit zone (it turns out it the limit was 25). I've been driving on this road for more than five years without incident, and honestly thought that the speed limit was 35, and usually drive around that particular speed...along with everyone else.

    I feel really stupid and angry because I've always prided myself on being a good driver. I've never even gotten a parking ticket.

    I'm worried because in VA, my offense is 4 points on your license. The points stay for two years on your DMV record, but the offense stays on file for 5 years. I've only had a VA license for 3 years (prior to that I lived in NJ where I drove without incident for 6 years). Apparently, you can gain one safe driver point per calendar year, up to 5 safe driver points at most, that you can use towards the points/demerit. If I calculated correctly, that means I have two points that I can use towards it, but that means I'll still have minus 2 points on my record.

    I know that this happens to people everyday, and that in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal, but I'm really worried and upset that my insurance will be upped because of this.

    I've been told that it's really not worth it to contest your ticket. I was clocked by a laser, and I just don't think that there is anything I can do. The ticket costs $141.

    I'm really sorry to vent like this. I just feel really, really stupid.
  2. Try not to worry about it - I remember when me and my mother got a parking ticket and I got so upset!!!

    There's nothing you can do about it so it's best just to learn from it and move on :yes: don't beat yourself up :flowers:
  3. i've had 3 speeding tickets all around 300 dollars each. my license got suspended after the third and i had to take a course and renew my license. it's been 5 years and lets just say i've learned my lesson. i have a lead foot hehe. it's not a big deal it happens to almost everyone once or twice in their day!

    oh and PS my insurance is VERY VERY frickin low. like extremely low for a 23 year old. woo. no worries!
  4. LOL, don't worry about it! I've had a number of them. I think I'm WAY older than you!
  5. if it's worth it to you, get a lawyer to contest the points. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll just pay the ticket, without any points going on your license. If you're really lucky, a lawyer will dismiss the ticket and points, and you'll just have to pay him/her the normal fee. Maybe under $100? I would ask a traffic violations lawyer about this.
  6. the other thing you can do is show up for your court date. if the officer does not show up, the judge may dismiss your case (at least this is how it is in CA)

    good luck!
  7. do they not offer traffic school in VA? When I was younger, I got a few speeding tickets and always got them eliminated (no points) for attending traffic school (in CA). I was a regular.
  8. I received my doctorate in traffic safety school a decade ago. :P The fine stinks, but other than that it's not a big deal. Heck, I once got pulled over for speeding TWICE in one night.
  9. aww. a fellow alumni....:okay:
  10. You have a couple of options.

    Pay it and be done with it. Your ins won't go up that much at all, if any. 10 bucks a month at most.
    Get a court date and hope that based on your clean record, the judge will throw the ticket out and just make you pay a fine (that happened to me once...a long, long time ago, back before I supported my local gov with my traffic citation fines ;) )
    Get a traffic lawyer for about 200 bucks. Most can get it thrown out and have you pay the fine.
    Go to school for it.
  11. I would go to traffic court regardless. I showed up for my traffic ticket, and just for showing up, the judge cut everyone's ticket amount by over half. My ticket went from $300 to $85, just for pleading guilty. There were others that wanted to contest it, and they were told they would have to come back on another date. It's worth a shot.
  12. :welcome:......helloooo traffic school! I'm a graduate as well.:tup:

    It was eye opening though........ from that day forward, I have NEVER gotten in car without putting my seatbelt on.
  13. :woohoo: we should have a traffic school class reunion.
    I used to go to the Comedy Traffic Schools held at the Improv before they closed them down. Now traffic school is boring again. :yucky:
  14. If you just pay the ticket your insurance will go up, and traffic school is a pain., do get an attorney., I have done a few times., no points, no rise in insurance., worth it....:heart:H
  15. Another traffic school graduate here. I got caught turning left when the light was turning red with one of those cameras. I went to traffic court hoping that my officer wouldn't show, but he did. I got lucky because the court lowered my fine and gave me the option of traffic school so that no points would go on my license (and hence my insurance would not go up).

    Personally I think the cheapest option is to go to court, try to get the fine reduced and see if you can attend traffic school so you don't get points on your record.