I'm really upset about this feedback.

  1. I bought 2 Coach Legacy striped wristlets straight from my local Coach store. I later listed on eBay. Perfect transaction with the buyer until they left feedback. This is what they left:
    Positive rating:
    I bought it STRAIGHT from my Coach store. It's 100% authentic. I sold 2 at the same time. The other one had great feedback.

    Yes I know it's still a positive, but they're lying and making me look like I sell fakes! I have pictures of the item, links to MyPoupette in the auction, offers to have it authenticated, etc. There's no reason anyone should have doubted it.
    I didn't know if I was allowed to post a link here or not.

    I already asked to have the feedback removed and explained why, nicely, but if they say no, is there anything else I can do?
  2. OH NO! I sell lots of Coach too and that is my worst nightmare! I would definitely respond to the feedback, saying that it was purchased at the Coach store,etc etc. Offer the buyer a refund, anything to get the feedback withdrawn. But, I will warn you, it won't get taken off of the feedback, it just won't count. eBay won't remove the words from your feedback. Ugh! Keep us posted!
  3. They won't remove the words?? No! I already offered a refund, return, whatever she wanted if she wasn't happy with the purchase.
    Honestly, should I just start a new eBay ID? I don't want my auctions doubted. I feel sick right now.
  4. Oh no! I don't have much experience selling on e-bay, but I think they can't remove the actual words from feedback, but I think you can make a statement in response. That is so wrong!!!!!!
  5. I think they only remove the words when it's REALLY ugly (harassment, racial issues, etc), but it doesn't hurt to ask, especially since this is an outright lie :cursing:

    How many feedback do you have? Wouldn't it take a lot of time to get a good number again? I don't know whether that is worth it :shrugs: Do you do a lot of eBay selling?
  6. Wow.... that is crappy!!

    court811 is right, regardless of whether it is withdrawn or not - the words will still be there, so there wouldn't be any point to having it withdrawn. At least with it on there - people can see it was a positive, otherwise they will assume it was a negative!!

    The only thing you could do, would be to somehow convince this person that it is in fact real, and figure out why they thought that... Then the buyer could go in and REPLY to the feedback, stating it was authentic,etc... And then you will have the two comments back to back, so new buyers wouldn't be anxious about it...

    I would highly suggest not trying to withdraw it, and try to work with the buyer to get them to add a comment first.... because that would look the best in your score...

    Worst case scenario, just reply to what they left you. I am dealing with lady right now what wants to return dance tights (even though we have a NO return policy on tights or on anything in our store concerning sizing issues), because she doesn't like the way they fit her daughter... Well LADY, you don't wear underwear with tights... so that is kinda gross first of all and secondly, she isn't getting the concept of dance clothing vs. regular clothing. :rolleyes: If she gives me anything less then a positive (as they were new, as described, right size, yada yada) - I will just reply to the FB and hopefully people will see the flaw behind returning something that has been worn, for sizing.... because I am sure a new buyer doesn't want something like that, that is the right size - but has been WORN... Ick.

    People on eBay wierd me out sometimes.... Good luck Bethy!! (I've been wondering where you've been around the Coach forum lately!! ;) )
  7. if you have low feedback, just start over. It will not be removed unless the buyer has been a member for less that 90 days and gets NARU'd. The best you can do is plead your case and have the buyer respond to the feedback saying it was their mistake it is authentic.
  8. They won't remove the words. It has to be crazy crazy circumstances, and saying something is fake when it's not doesn't qualify.

    How much feedback do you have? If you only have a few, a new ebay ID might not be a bad idea. I have up over 500, so I couldn't imagine, I've worked too hard.

    If it happened to me, I would just respond to the feedback in the feedback forum saying that it is 100% authentic, from coach store, I dont' sell fakes, chekc other feedback, etc.

  9. They left a positive fb rating but the comments were negative? Have you left them fb yet? I would neg them. Ebay won't remove the words, they will do a mutual neg removal though. The words will remain. I wouldn't worry about it if it is a positive fb. Most people don't look unless its a neg.
  10. very good point! when I look at feedback, I just scroll through to the negatives, I never read the positives!
  11. Don't leave negative for the buyer. You didn't sell feedback, so just don't leave any feedback at all.
  12. Unfortunately, they don't take the words out just the feedback rating. I would just respond to her feedback she has give you on your feedback page and state "authentic and purchased at store, email me for details" That way future buyers buying your auction will read it and ask you first. If you haven't done so leave a feedback for the buyer and leave "my item is 100% authentic and have receipt!" If you already left her a feedback you can also add on to it as well. Good luck! What a jerky buyer!!!
  13. Agree, that I wouldn't neg her, BUT I'd leave neutral feedback to show how disappointed you are that there seemed to have been an issue on the buyers side he chose not to contact you, but to leave fraudulant feedback
  14. no, dont' leave them negative, that does no good, they paid and held up their end of the deal
  15. leave a reply to the feedback! in your feedback section, you can reply seperately to the feedback you will give him! it shows up underneath the statement he made! do it now! be honest! and brutal if necessary!\

    good luck honey!