I'm really tired of short purse straps.....

  1. I'm not a small woman and I just want to pick up my bag and slide it easily on my shoulder. It seems like the new trend are these super-snug straps and I'm just going crazy about it now.

    I was thinking of getting a Carly this week and I went to Macy's to check it out and was just frustrated. I know there would be extra room after the stuffing is out and it relaxes, but still I thought there'd be more length.

    Maybe I'll just get the Ergo crossbody and call it a day.

    I like to be able to pick up a bag with one hand, bend my elbow, and get that bag up on my shoulder in one fluid move. (I can FINALLY do that with my new shoulder tote...but probably only because I have so much STUFF in it!)

    of course, I have these long monkey arms...so I'm sure that's a pipe dream...
  3. I totally feel you. I like to use one arm for my purse and the other for anything else that I might have. I don't like to get out of my car and have to use both arms to get my purse up on my shoulder. Then you tuck your bag behind you and if it has short straps it will literally cut off the circulation to your arm. I think that the short straps lead to more back problems too.

    I got the legacy slim flap and it worked for me!!! Shoulder totes are great too.

    Good luck girl!
  4. It would be great if we could get the best of both worlds and Coach could offer both styles. I am a small person and the shorter straps work well for me. It sounds like a lot of you hate the short straps as much as I hate the long straps, so I completely understand your frustration. You want to be able to easily carry a bag on your shoulder and I want to be able to carry a bag that doesn't hang down to my ankles. :p
  5. Iggystar, I am totally with you on this. There are sooo many Coach bags I don't buy because of the shorter straps. You're lucky to get a 7 1/2 " strap drop, whats wrong with a 9 or 10" drop? I too have discovered the shoulder totes...LOVE them!:yes:
  6. I totally agree. I find that the legacy flap shoulder bag has a very long single strap either in signature or leather and works better than two round ones. Also, all of the shoulder totes are good. I have not tried the multicolor as yet. That one has a shorter strap, white leather. Also, I find that the legacy shoulder bag that I have in denim, from the cruisewear line last December may have to go back. The laced strap on that bag is extremely heavy and short and I have to use two arms to get it on. I tried it Easter Sunday and put it back before cutting off the tags. I have taken stock of what I have and need thanks to this forum and what is really comfortable for me. It is not what others like or feel comfortable with in the Coach stores, it is what I can afford, what I really need and what I learn from all of you as feedback. I do not have to buy what is new or on a PCE. I have to buy what is comfortable and usable. Thanks to you all. !!!!!!! SMOOCH.....
  7. "I like to be able to pick up a bag with one hand, bend my elbow, and get that bag up on my shoulder in one fluid move."

    ^^ ^^
  8. I agree. I love shoulder bags.
  9. Bummer! It the drop really only 7" for the large Carly and 6.5" for the medium? I may have to rethink the Carly if so, or do some creative altering.

    I don't mind the short straps so much when the weather is nice, but in the winter, it is a major pain to get a bag with a shorter strap over a heavy coat.
  10. I totally agree with everyone here. I have a couple of handheld bags, which I do love. But my shoulder bags are the most usable. It seems like my older Coach bag actually had adjustable straps.
  11. I am a small person - but I still hate when a purse feels all up in my armpit!!! I love a longer strap too!! On the Carly the strap doesn't feel that short when the bag slouches and the sides of the bag scoot in towards one another.
  12. I totally agree! Now I am trying to curb those impulse buys and make SURE all my purchases fit all my bag criteria so I don't wind up with lots just sitting in my closet... but I feel like there are less and less options that have a decent length strap. I don't want a bag hitting my knees or anything - just a comfortable shoulder bag!
  13. Agree with everyone here! If the strap doesn't clear my elbow when I put it on, I tend not to buy it.

    Also, is anyone tired of the open tops? It's fine if there's an open top but closed-in feature (like the book totes and business totes - the way they fold-close), but the "stay open" top like the shoulder tote kinda bothers me (no offense to those who have it).
  14. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :yes:

    I'm a bigger girl and I hate bags where I have to use my other hand to put my it on. I love being able to do the solid, smooth, one-handed movement. I :heart: :heart: :heart: my signature stripe large black tote. But I hate, hate, hate the length of the straps. I can't wear it on my shoulder if I have more than one layer of clothing on. And even then it fits, but it would be more comfortable of the drop were larger.

    I just bought 2 bags at the outlet, one was a soho leather multi function tote and I love how it comes with buckles, so I can pick the strap drop. The other bag was a large carryall and I'm surprised that it fits on my shoulder.

    But I seriously wish that all the bags had some short of buckle strap that way everyone could choose what fits them best.
  15. I agree I realllly wish they would start making the straps on all there bags a little longer!