I'm really stressing now, I need help!!!!!!

  1. Oh guys I need your expertise please!!!

    It looks like I am going to LV for the first time in about two weeks and I am going to make my first purchase.
    I was all set to get the mono speedy 30 for my first bag.
    I am stressing though as I am not sure if I really want a bag that is only hand held, I like bags that I can hold in the hand and wear on the shoulder......
    I am now thinking maybe I should get the mono pap 26 instead (the pap 26 and speedy 30 choices are based on that fact that I love them but also on price).
    Hmmm will the pap 26 hold sunnies, wallet, small make up bag and keys easily?

    Would would you do?
  2. Well, I never wanted a bag that couldn't be held on the shoulder, and actually since getting my 2 speedys (epi 35 and azur 30), I have started loving and appreciating the hand held so much more. But it takes time...I actually just bought a computer bag that can't be held on the shoulder, and I actually like it better than the one I had previously. I'd say to give it a try - the mono speedy 30 is such a classic and gorgeous bag, and you might really start to enjoy it!
  3. I say go for the speedy 30. I just realized that I never really had a handheld before I got my speedy 30 and now I prefer handhelds over shoulder.
  4. I'd get the shoulder bag!
  5. Don't stress! This is supposed to be fun!

    If you want the papillon, then check out the 30. That will be big enough for what you want to hold!
  6. Thanks so much guys, I guess I'll wait till I get there and try them on and make up my mind then.
  7. Best thing to do is try everything on at the store and make your decision then. There is also the Nerverfull MM which is around the same price as the pap and speedy and it's a shoulder bag, maybe you'll like that... (The Neverfull PM might work on the shoulder as well if you're smaller...)

    Make sure you try them all on though.
  8. I will thanks.
  9. i'd go for the speedy...personally don't like the papillon.
  10. Its nice having a handbag, I've never had one before and when i got my speedy i love it! But the pap is really great :smile: I doubt that it'll hold as much as the speedy 30....
  11. me too. the speedy is classic. and it holds so much more than a pap.
  12. Thanks guys, decisions,decisions,decisions LOL!
  13. If you buy a Speedy, you could also buy a strap for it. Just ask to see the straps at the LV store.

    If you are looking for a shoulder bag, I would suggest:
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Cabas Piano
    Palermo PM (available Nov. 1 and has handstraps and an included adjustable shoulder strap)
  14. Thats a good idea, I will look into that re-strap for speedy.
    I must admit the speedy as always been my 1st love :smile:
    I am not as much of a fan of the tote style bags myself so will probably end up with the speedy.
  15. You'll know when you have the right one, because it will be saying "I'm your bag! Take me home!" Me, me, me!" (Well that's what they do to me.)