I'm really sorry everyone -

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  1. I had such a crummy night Saturday night that when I got home I logged on the PF to try to cheer myself up and got involved in the wrong thread and ended up taking out my agression on it. So I apologize for being a little *****y. I'd rather not mention the thread so it doesn't start up again but if I offended any legitimate members, I apologize. Thats just not my style!
    I'm all about love babe.
  2. You are such a sweetheart! Don't be so hard on yourself! We all love you here!!!
  3. Hey, BagnShoo, everyone deserves an off night. Jeez, especially after all those nights bartending Club Bagnshoo!!!!! We love ya!!!!!
  4. I have NO idea . . . . but we love you. We all get caught up now and then, no worries!
    It's takes a big person to acknowledge it and publicly apolgize!:flowers:
  5. You needed to vent and we all have our moments-it's all good!:yes:
  6. Thanks for the apology..it was NOt needed.you are a doll!
Thread Status:
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