I'm really scared right now!!!!!

  1. My dog just started going crazy all of a sudden, and ran over to the door...and I followed her, and then I saw the door knob turning like someone was trying to see of the door was locked or something.....:wtf:Now I'm all freaked out.....it's 12:53 here....so I'm sure it's not a neighborly visit!!! Of course I have to be all alone when something like this happens! I hate that he works such late shifts! :crybaby:I don't wanna be here alone now...but I'd rather someone scary not be here with me, too!
  2. dudeee keeep ur fone with you!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You should call the police or a next door neighbor that you're friends with.
  4. ^^^My fiance is a cop, and I called him, but he is in an area that's about an hour away. He said he'd stop by and check things out for me...and I am the only tenant, besides a really old man!
  5. Please be veeeeeeeery careful!! Stay close to a phone and make sure you call neighbors to let them know what's up that way they can keep a look out for u...
  6. wow that's very scary! call your SO and tell him about the incident, maybe he can get off work a bit earlier. also keep your phone with you at all times...since your SO is a cop ask him to tell other officers to check the area since he's an hour away. stay safe hun.
  7. Hey, you ok there? Make sure everything is locked and that your phone is with you. Please take care.

  8. hey are u doing okay?

    do u have a bolt in addition to a lock? I mean those things that they have in hotel rooms so that even if u unpick the lock u can't really open the door if the bolt/catch is flipped.... think about installing one if u don't

    are u living in a safe area? be careful and try to notice if anyone strange when u go about ur day to day activities... u want to make sure no one is tracking ur movements....
  9. hope that you are ok!
  10. omg! Are you ok!? Please be careful!
  11. Hope that you are okay! Do you have a window in your door or around your door?? Did you see anybody on the other side???
  12. I hope you are ok.
  13. Yes, I am okay, thanks to my puppy, I think she may have scared them away--her bark is worse than her bite. I just heard someone enter the appt. building, I hope the older tenant is okay. I feel sort of stupid now! I hope the older man didn't get sick in the middle of the night! Well, I will keep an eye out. Thank you all for your concern!!!! I am being very cautious!!! I can't wait to move from this appt. That's it, I'm making my SO go on permanant second shift from now on! I don't like being alone all night!
  14. I would just like to add that you all have made me feel much better. You are all so caring. Just in case, I will have SO stop by and check everything out. Couldn't hurt, right?
  15. Thank God you're ok. Yes, get SO to check up on you. Maybe he can check on your old neighbour as well just to make sure all is ok.

    Let us know how you get on. Take care.